The best fishing rods for backpacking excursions are essential for a fun fishing experience. You can’t go fishing without these items, improving your experience and making your time on the water more enjoyable. These rods are well known for their high quality, mobility, and simplicity and are available in various configurations.

The best part about these items is that you can go fishing in places that recreational anglers typically avoid. With such a varied and extensive selection of rods on the market, finding the ideal one for your needs might be challenging.

We have thought about this problem and produced a list of well-regarded rods from which you may choose. The 6 best travel fishing rods are reviewed in this article.

1. Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

Best Travel Fishing Rods

The Ugly Stik is a travel rod made from a composite of graphite and fiberglass construction, making it robust, lightweight, and enduring. Ugly Stik is usually the best option if you need a portable bass rod on a budget. A wide selection of rods is available to meet any angler’s demands.

This is the rod you go for whenever you need one that can handle just about anything. Since its primary purpose is technique fishing, its design necessitates using light lures and thin fishing lines in relatively contained environments, such as small backwaters. You’re certainly not constrained to these parameters, but we suggest sticking to them if you need the rod to last.

Rod Blank

The Ugly TechTM Blank via reel seat design combines classic fiberglass construction with a touch of graphite and is part of a new age of technology. This makes it the best travel spinning rod.

After graphite was added, the glossy black appearance was replaced by a matte black one, which is much more pleasing to my eyes. Just above the grip, a traditional diamond wrapping pattern in silver and red adds a striking accent to the rod.


A more visually pleasing matte black finish was achieved by adding graphite. It’s a step up from the traditional glossy style. Also, the rod is decorated with a silver and red diamond winding design just above the handle.

Many fishermen have said the rod’s distinctive clear tip made it easy to pick out of a sea of other rods. Aesthetically, it’s a blend of an athletic vibe and a polished office style. The rod is lengthy, yet the handle is thin and tapers off evenly. This means it doesn’t look as hefty as previous iterations of the Ugly Stik.


Due to the choice of lightweight components, the rod is also quite easy to carry. Because of this, it is a favorite among both amateur and professional fishermen. The rod length is also appropriate. Its weight is less than most telescopic rods manufactured by the company.


The affordable price and sleek design of this rod are its crowning achievements. Some competing manufacturers provide nearly the same features at twice or three times the price, but they quickly show their inferior quality in terms of longevity. Since of this, Ugly Stik stands out from its rivals because it maintains its low price.

Comfortable Grip

In a word, absolutely. The EVA grip of the GX2 is resistant to the wet circumstances that are to be expected when out fishing. This is incredibly beneficial if you plan to be out all day and expect lengthy fights.

It’s comfortable to hold without sacrificing control, so you won’t have to worry about dropping it into the water during a fierce battle.


Ugly Stik guarantees its customers a strong product. After spending your money on one, you want to use it for as long as possible without worrying about a sudden break. When it comes to durability, the GX2 is unmatched.

Even after all this time, we’re confident that it will continue to serve you well. This is crucial for those who are just starting out and lack experience. Feel safe using brute force on a fish with this one.


  • Perfect for cross-country excursions
  • Floats comfortably in both saltwater and freshwater.
  • Reasonable cost
  • Ugly Technology & Ugly Tuff Structures
  • It has a blank made of graphite and fiberglass.
  • Constructed with a single piece of guiding material
  • Strong, clear-tipped Ugly Stix that won’t break the bank.
  • Enhanced stability


  • Not very sturdy
  • Larger fish are more challenging.

2. Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod

When it comes to fishing gear, Shakespeare is a household name. This range of rods and reels are intended to meet beginners’ demands and intermediate and experienced fisherman.

The ultralight graphite construction makes for an exceptionally responsive rod on the go. Compared to standard graphite rods, the Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod’s lightweight design and high-performance action enable quicker and more precise casting.

The rod is reasonably priced and ideal for serious fishermen or those wishing to spend the day fishing. Having a firm hold on something makes it easier to manipulate. It is best for surf fishing.


It’s straightforward to obtain top casting performance, and it’s quite light to hold, particularly when connected with an ultralight reel. You’ll be able to feel even the timidest bite, and when a stripy snags your small live bait, it has all the oomph you’ll need.

Sensitivity is boosted by braid, but Id easily spools a 3000 rotating reel with single and expect adequate feedback. Anglers on a budget won’t have any trouble affording it.

Nonetheless, these lightweight Shakespeare rods may be improved by adding performance guides, reel seats, and a glossier finish. I still believe fishermen would be willing to shell out a few additional bucks for higher-quality equipment.


Shakespeare stands the test of time better than anyone else. How well-made a rod is affected by how long it will last. Shakespeare’s premium rods have a solid reputation for quality because of the company’s long history in the industry.

Shakespeare would never do anything to damage their reputation, especially given the stakes. You may be sure that your Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod will outlast any other available rod.


$19.97 – $39.99


  • It is affordable.
  • A convenient carrying case is included.
  • The anti-slip grip is a nice feature.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty included


  • It is suggested that the product not be used by minors.
  • The item makes a lot of noise.

3. Abu Garcia 6′ IKE Dude Youth Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

To create this rod, Abu Garcia wisely teamed up with Mike “Ike” Iaconelli. For him, making top-notch travel fishing rods was a natural extension of his twenty-plus years in the workforce bass tournament angler and his added expertise as a city fishing lover.

The Abu Garcia IKE Dude Youth Travel Fishing Rod, 6 Feet, is an excellent buy and a highly adaptable fishing instrument. The importance of using high-quality parts cannot be overstated. Each rod has an aluminum blank, stainless steel guides, and a premium reel seat.

This rod’s ability to perform like a conventional one-piece rod is largely due to the employment of a continuous graphite ferrule. If it isn’t enough, the best feature is the adaptability offered by the removable tips.

With this setup, you may fish a wider variety of lures and finesse baits. If you’re searching for more potent bass fishing equipment, the casting rod model is worth a look. This can also be as 4-piece fly rods.

Great Rod To Reel Connection

The snugness of the reel in the reel seating of the Abu Garcia 6′ IKE Dude Youth Travel Fishing Rod is one of my favorite features. The ergonomic EVA foam on top of the reel and the bottom adjusting locknut keep the reel in place in a way that feels great for the way we like to fish with a spinning rod.

High Sensitivity Design

The Ike Signature Power rod is a high-sensitivity rod built to detect even the smallest bites and strong enough to reel in the biggest fish. The blank is constructed from modern, high-modulus graphite, which results in high sensitivity.

With its robust tip and butt shape, the blank construction is built for maximum efficiency. The blank still provides the solid grip to set the bait and push the fish to the boats.

High-modulus graphite, wrapped around a premium slim-line blank, forms the rod’s tip and butt. Designed this way, the rod’s tip is quick to react and has enough butt to land even the heftiest fish.

Optimal Finger Grooves

Abu Garcia collaborated with Mike Iaconelli to incorporate finger notches into the rod anatomically correct for the curvature of your fingertips.

The rod’s finger slots are ergonomically designed to fit your fingers for a firmer hold. Your hand will be able to wrap around the rod, lock it in place, and you’ll have a great deal of control because of the strategic placement of the grooves.


An Abu Garcia IKE Dude 6′ for Young Anglers on the Road. In the $30-$40 pricing bracket, Ro is a fantastic option. So that we can carry it wherever we go, we put mine in a little go box in the back of our truck.

If we have time on a fishing trip, we could stop at a local pond or lake to cast a line. Of course, we have it with me at all times on my boat, too.


  • Two tip sections offer great versatility
  • Fishes like a one-piece rod
  • Excellent sensitivity


  • Lacks a crush-proof sleeve for use as checked baggage protection

4. OKUMA SST-S-863MHa SST Travel Rod

The Okuma Citrix is, without a doubt, the best travel fishing rod for traveling we’ve ever used. The Citrix was carefully crafted to accommodate a wide range of fish sizes, from delicate freshwater species to robust saltwater predators. You can use a braided line with its guide inserts, and it’s lightweight and robust.

Incredibly Lightweight

Why is it more enjoyable to use this? Mainly because it is light.   In addition to being a lot of fun, lightweight also prevents arm fatigue. Fish with this rod is a breeze because it is so light. OKUMA has a 4’6″ ultralight Celilo rod that weighs only 3 OZ. You can now examine this rod in relation to similarly bright others.

Softer Tip for more Forgiving Action

This rod is designed with a softer tip and a more flexible action, making it ideal for finesse fishing with small baits. If you want to keep your hook in place while you’re fighting them, this is how to do it.

Rod Construction

The rod materials used are of decent quality, if not the sharpest. Except for the 4’6″ rod, which is sold separately, the Okuma Ultralight is sold in pairs. Spinning rods can use a reel seat with a hood made of aluminum.

An aluminum oxide guide is set into a graphite frame. The light brings out the most in the rich burgundy hue.  Find that this shade appeals to me. It is 6’6″ and has seven guides (6 main and one extra for the tip), which is sufficient for a spinning rod.

The larger the rod, the more guides it needs. Using a guide simplifies long-range casting. Hook holders are reliable and effective, much like a staple. The rod may be delicate, but it has some fight.


The seven-foot length of the rod is a little shorter than we’d like for casting but other than that. It’s a blast to use. It’s not only incredibly portable but also features vibrant, quick movement.

Examining our displacement chart, you’ll discover that the Helios 701M tracks similarly to the G. Loomis MBR843C, a rod widely considered among the best of all time. Accuracy is high, and loading is simple with the 701M.




  • Excellent action and strength, with superb acting and sensitivity.
  • Sturdily constructed with high-grade graphite for long use.
  • Suitable for all species, especially those in the small to medium size range.
  • Includes a 5-year guarantee
  • Conveniently disassembled into four manageable pieces.


  • Your reel might fall at the worst possible times if the seat were to become loose.
  • Larger fish may strain the spinning rod’s strength.
  • Only a nylon carrying case and no hard tube are included.

5. St. Croix Rods Triumph Spinning Rod

The St. Croix Triumph Travel fishing rod comes out on top because of its excellent adaptability, features, and balance. Our ability to detect even the tiniest bites and confidently set the hook was greatly aided by the smooth action of this rod.

This one had the best range and accuracy compared to the other rods we tested. It’s also convenient for anglers who prefer to take their rods with them on the road because it disassembles into four pieces and fits into a carry-on bag.

The cork material used to make the handle made it easy to grip and gave it good weight distribution. There’s no denying the St. Croix is a special item. Then where’s the catch, if there ever is one? There aren’t many things wrong with this rod.

It isn’t as straightforward as a few other options to take apart and put back together. This is a small criticism, though, and the St. Croix Triumph Travel still earns our highest rating because it is such a great all-around rod.

Superior Build Quality

Triumph rods are made from a special type of mid-modulus graphite. Compared to standard graphite fibers, this one can withstand a lot of pressure. This will ensure that your rod is sturdy, light, and sensitive.

The high-quality cork handle ensures a firm grip and minimizes slippage, even while battling a large fish. The reel seat is made of Fuji DPS silver hooded carbon fiber, while the guides are made of lightweight aluminum oxide.

Flex Coat’s slow cure finishing is applied twice to each Triumph rod. The durability, reliability, and robustness of the spinning rod are all improved by this. Since this is the case, you can spend more time fishing.

Compatible Line Weight

St. Croix Triumph can handle lines weighing anything from two to seventeen pounds, which is a good range. The motion, strength, and length of the rod you select will all play a role in this. If you want to transport large fish, you shouldn’t use this, but it’s great for everything else.

Med-Light Power/Fast Action

We found the Triumph spinning rod we tested to be powerfully medium-light and extremely quick. This Triumph fishing rod is more manageable due to its moderate strength. Therefore, it cannot handle too heavy lines, as this model can only handle lines between 4 and 10 pounds.

Triumph rods aren’t made for hefty lines, as their range is only 2-6 to 8-17 pounds. Thus, the med-light/fast rod falls between the various options. This Triumph rod has rapid action, which means it will begin bending toward the tip. All Triumph rods, except for one, are fast; therefore, they all perform similarly.

In case you didn’t know, fast action rods provide quicker hook setting and greater sensitivity. In addition, fast-action rods return to their original shape more rapidly after being bent than standard rods do when the load is released.

As a practical matter, fast-action rods are most often employed at close casting ranges. Apart from that, fishing under exceptionally heavy cover typically calls for rapid rods. Even fast-action rods could be used to catch a big one while fishing for big wildlife.

All of this is possible due to the swift motion, which lets you set the hook swiftly and with a lot of force. Thanks to the rod’s minimal flex, you can feel more of what’s occurring at the line’s end.


  • $155


  • Superb feel
  • Great casting
  • Portable


  • Moderately challenging to disassemble

6. Daiwa Ardito-Travel Rods

The Daiwa Ardito Travel Rod could be ideal if you’re constantly on the go or want a rod that takes up less space when not in use. The effectiveness of multi-piece rods for landing large fish has increased greatly throughout the years.

This evaluation was conducted with a Medium-Heavy 7′ 6″ rod, which is 1/4-1 ounce in weight and is designed for an 8-17 pound line. The Ardito Travel Rod from Daiwa is a three-piece setup that can be unbolted and reassembled in two different ways.

With a recommendation for medium-heavy action, it is relatively stiff. This one packs quite a punch when it comes to portable fishing gear. If you’re searching for versatility in a travel multi-piece rod, the medium-heavy action will get you there. Regarding portable rods, it’s preferable to be overprepared than to be underprepared for a trip.


Daiwa’s SVF (Super Volume Fiber) graphite is a low resin, hydrostatic pressure rolled blank, demonstrating the company’s competence. Rods made by Tatula, Zillion, and Steez all use blanks from this graphite.

VHF (High Volume Fiber) blanks from Daiwa aren’t as strong as SVF blanks but are still made with less resin. The final product is a blank that is lighter and crisper. Having used the Ardito 763 and other rods in the line, We were pleasantly pleased by the rod’s sensitivity, which is especially noticeable with this advantage.

We request that this blank be left unfinished by applying a gloss coat, as we fear it will add unnecessary time to the construction process.


  • $115


  • HVF (High Volume Fiber) Graphite, a material developed specifically for Daiwa.
  • Constructed with X45 Bias Graphite Fiber for Strength, Flexibility, and Minimal Blank Twist
  • Joint System with V-Flex Ferrules
  • Micro-pitch Tape, Sanded Blank
  • Semi-Hard Travel Case
  • Limited Warranty Period of Five Years


  • The travel rod is a little light for larger fish

How To Choose The Right Travel Rods

A handful of key factors to consider when selecting the best travel fishing rods to bring along on your travels.

Dimensions and Mass

A compact and lightweight fishing pole are ideal for long trips. It doesn’t matter if it’s foldable, flexible, telescopic rod, or any other kind of expandable; what counts is that it’s lightweight and small enough to be easily carried and stored.

Carrying your long, hefty fishing rod on a van, plane, or automobile will only cause discomfort. An ideal travel fishing pole should be both compact and lightweight. Any of the travel rods mentioned above will be more convenient to carry than a regular fishing rod.

Durability And Sensitivity

They are the two most crucial features of any fishing equipment. Both of these are essential for understandable reasons. If you don’t want your fishing pole to break, snap, get damaged, or stop operating, you’ll use a solid one.

It would help if you had it to be sensitive enough to feel the bite of a fish on the end of your line. Most recommendations use composite materials and graphite for increased sensitivity and longevity.


Think carefully about the type of fish you intend to catch before making a major investment in power. Power is measured by how well it can help you land the fish you’re after.

There are several options, including ultra-light, light, medium-heavy, and heavy. Baitcasting rods in the ultra-light and lightweight classes perform best with smaller fish, whereas those with medium-heavy and heavy-weight classes perform best with larger fish.


The action occurs as the bend in a fishing pole begins to stiffen or when the pole bends and flexes. Common classifications include:

Fast action rods – These have a quick response time, making them ideal for beginners because they are responsive and make it simple to set the hook.

Moderate action rods – Suitable for medium-sized crankbaits due to their moderate motion.

Slow action rods – These poles have a slow movement, making them ideal for casting live bait over long distances while also being sturdy enough to withstand the struggle of a fight.

The tip of a fast-action rod will bend more than the midsection of a moderate-action rod. Slower-moving rods bend into the lower half.

The Final Thoughts

In this article, we have outlined Best Travel Fishing Rods. Considering all the factors we’ve described, you’ll be able to pick the greatest vacation fishing rod for your preferences. Perhaps you’ve concluded that you don’t even require a travel rod.

There are exceptions, but multi-piece rods generally cost more and are less flexible than their one-piece equivalents. What’s more, if you’re a purist who insists on wearing only a one-piece, you could be pleasantly surprised by how sophisticated the current offerings are.



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