11 Best Bass Fishing Rod for the Money | Ultimate Review Guide

best bass fishing rod for the money

Opting for the best bass fishing rod requires a lot of research. However, it is quite similar to going on a blind date. Even if you go through reviews, or hold the rod in your hand; you will still experience new things when you test it out on the water. You will need to get a rod that is durable, high quality, and sensitive from a reputable company. 

So what are the variables that need to be considered prior to choose the best bass fishing rod?  

The short answer is that “it varies.” Before picking the perfect rod, you will naturally have to determine the kind of bass fishing tactics you will be incorporating into your strategy. That is the core factor that will determine the right rod for you.  

If you already have experience with the water with rods, then our guidelines for choosing a new rod will be easy to understand. But if you have minimal experience, do not worry. This article offers easy to comprehend information and also caters to beginners. The article covers insightful details regarding the best bass fishing rod accessible in the market in 2021. 

Moreover, the article talks about the top bass rods, including spinning and casting. It will provide you the little details essential for making a choice, such as the explanation of basic terms like action, power, or weight. The material for the best fishing pole for bass rods is also explained in the article.

Top 11 Best Bass Fishing Rod for the money in 2022

There are numerous brands offering bass fishing rods in the market. In order to choose the right rods for bass fishing, you will need to know the top ones. 

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St. Croix Mojo Bass Glass Casting Rod


The Mojo Bass rod ranks at the top because this prolific casting rod is impeccable in terms of performance while lying in the reasonable price range. It incorporates an Integrated Poly Curve technology, which makes it a high-end fishing rod. The recent design of the Mojo Bass Glass is brilliant because it allows you to catch bigger fish.

This fishing rod is super-durable owing to its graphite construction. As a result, it stands the test of time compared to a standard rod. Moreover, the rod will not break at its critical time.

The ergonomic handle ensures that you do not feel fatigued even after hours of being on the water.

It is one of the best bass fishing rods since it is functional for all types of surfaces, including freshwater and marine water. Test your fishing skills in lagoons, rivers, and even lakes as beginners.


St. Croix Mojo Bass Glass Casting Rod is constructed using a 100% linear S-glass. The casting rod is accessible in 5.6 up to seven-foot lengths. The additional length makes it a better choice when it comes to crankbait fishing. The graphite construction of this bass fishing rod gives an impressive blend of durability and lightness. Moreover, the EVA handle allows for maximum comfort. St. Croix finishes this brass rod with two coats of slow-cure, Flex-Coat finish. It shields the blank and keeps the rod protected overall.

  • Superior performance
  • Reasonable price
  • 15% lightweight
  • Smooth operation with increased sensitivity
  • Five years of warranty
  • Stiffness is a concern.
  • Not so long.
  • Fewer whips.

Abu Garcia Veracity Casting Rod


The Abu Garcia Veracity Casting Rod is a complete, well-rounded product. It comes at a fair price while offering splendid capabilities in terms of angling.

The best fishing rods for bass offer balanced performance that is widely appreciated amongst fishermen.

These casting rods are optimized for sensitivity and equipped with impressive Nano Technology in order to suitably protect the solid 1 piece rod blank. Dangers include nicks and dings, which can hamper the performance of the rod. Even though the fishing rod is light and comfortable, it also offers an incredible balance and much-needed sensitivity.

The rod also has a soft-touch Fuji reel seat and an EVA split grip. It is perfect for bass fishing given amazing control, comfort, and grip. 


The best feature of this Veracity Casting Rod is that they have retained weight but offers amazing sensitivity.

The lightweight build ensures that you can fish for hours without having to pause for relaxing. Every element is engineered by keeping the desires of an angler in mind. It has a 36-ton graphite blank and ranges to the titanium alloy micro guides.

In addition, the EVA handles are of high density.  The casting rods are accessible in lengths from 6’6″ up to 8′. Each of these lengths offers various kinds of power configurations and action.

  • – Perfect balance amid sensitivity and weight
  • – Modern materials and modern technology
  • – Enhanced durability and guaranteed longevity
  • – Smooth guides
  • – Comfortable grips
  • – Ideal combination between action and power
  • – Less flexible
  • – It takes time getting used to it

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod


If you are looking for a rough and tough yet budget-friendly good bass rod for fishing, then the Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod is the one for you.

It is paired with impeccable features that are found in some of the most expensive bass rods in the market.

This is not a backup rod because of its amazing performance. The rod comes in both casting and spinning variants.

To get high performance does not always require you to spend hundreds of dollars.

Pro-anglers also opt for this rod. 


The Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod is constructed using Ugly Technology.

It is an impeccable combination of fiberglass and graphite which makes it strong and sensitive.

A couple of rods in the market have guides with inserts that are constructed with plastic; making casting easier. However, these can pop out.

This particular casting rod comes with fitted one-piece stainless steel guides, which solves the popping-out issue.

The guides on this bass fishing rod are durable.

If you are looking for a perfect rod for throwing crankbaits, then opt for the 7′, medium-weight version.

  • Price to value ratio
  • Lightweight design with lots of weights accessible
  • Sensitivity is good
  • Amazing durability
  • Has a lightweight
  • Not durable enough for large fish
  • Thick foam grip reduces some sensitivity
  • Braided lines might cause an issue
  • ​A few models can seem stiff

Abu Garcia IKE Signature Casting Rod


If you are looking for an excellent medium to a heavy crankbait rod, then Abu Garcia IKE Signature Casting Rod is the one for you.

This rod is great in looks, simple to fish with, and has a parabolic bend to die for.

It has enough resistance and strength to reel in medium to heavy fish.

The best part: it is not too pricey.

This is the best rod in the market for bass fishing.

The maker of the rod has gone for a Fuji reel seat to deliver higher comfort to anglers.


The rod is made using premium graphite and has an action that facilitates you to cast with utmost accuracy.

It is perfect for fishing because it can transmit the slightest bite.

The rod has a dynamic bend which makes it suitable for crankbait fishing.

Moreover, it has stainless steel guides and comes with a high-quality reel seat.

You will notice that the construction is amazing with Zirconium inserts to reduce line friction. When you check out the hardware, it will show some impressive features.

The IKE rod’s blank construction comes in high strain glass or high-modulus graphite, which is durable.

  • Balanced design increased sensitivity
  • Great performance
  • High strain glass construction provides an amazing parabolic action for crank bait fishing
  • Fast action
  • Nice line weight range
  • Comfortable and well made
  • Medium-Heavy action is a bit too much
  • The tube is not of premium quality
  • This is a one-piece rod, which are not the easiest to carry around

Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod


The Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod is accessible in numerous lengths, actions, and weights. So people with different lures and techniques won’t find it difficult to locate the perfect bass pole for them.

Professionals and expert anglers consider it the best bass fishing rod for the money.

The guides installed on this particular model are the best.

You will find them to be durable and sturdy. This casting rod will not break irrespective of operating it on heavy fishing.

It is an all-around fishing rod with handles that offer an excellent grip.

Moreover, the handles allow for easy operation, gripping, and maneuvering. An interesting feature of this rod is the high level of sensitivity. It allows you to distinguish the bite of a fish, giving you an upper hand to track its movement.

You can easily lure the fish and catch it with ease. Its adaptable use lets you try out professional fishing tactics easily.


The Cherrywood Casting Rod comes with a through-handle construction which impacts the sensitivity and power of the rod. It represents how solid the rod will feel on the water.

These handles are a high-end feature but Berkeley offers them in a reasonable price range.

The rod comes with stainless steel inserts which makes it last longer and the guides are also crafted with durable material.

The cork grip is also premium quality.

  • Top of the notch guides
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Unique construction
  • Blank fishing has excellent handles
  • Comfortable grip
  • Less number of guides installed
  • Professionals would like better alignment

Duckett Micro Magic Pro Spinning Rod


If you are in search of the best bass fishing rod in the spinning category, then the Duckett Micro Magic Pro is the one for you.

These rods come with hyper-lite braid-proof inserts and micro guides. A double flanged tip is also included in this bass rod. The innovative micro guide technology makes it stand out as it provides unrivaled accuracy. Moreover, the line-to-guide contact increases sensitivity.

The spinning rods are very light in weight and are made with materials that deliver durability. This model comes with cork grips and Fuji reel seats that deliver excellent balance to decrease angler fatigue. You can check its price on Amazon. 


The rod by Duckett is favored by many because of the way it is constructed. This spinning rod is all about comfort as it is lightweight and comes with micro guides. These guides will keep the line tight and prevent line bounce. Its design will lessen the amount of fatigue. Moreover, it has a Fuji reel seat which permits a low-profile reel connection.

You will also find a high-grade cork grip and a tough EVA butt that will not break. It is constructed with top-quality material and improved using carbon fibre.

This rod comes in a 6′ 6″, a medium-weight model which is ideal for all-day slinging spinnerbaits.

  • Lightweight
  • Perfect balance
  • Durable
  • Carbon fiber scrim
  • Cut proof EVA butt eliminates cracking
  • Fuji reel seats
  • Cork grips
  • People complain of pole snapping

Dobyns Fury Series Spinning Rod


The Dobyns Fury Series spinning rod is aimed at individuals who are looking for a less expensive fishing rod. You will be able to find a diverse range of sizes, lengths, and power alternatives within this series. This is useful for a variety of bass fishing.

These new rods provide characteristics that are adored by anglers.

This spinning rod has a Fuji reel seat, AA grade cork grip with hi-density Hypalon butt, Kevlar wrapping, and high modulus graphite blank. Whether you are searching for an inexpensive bass fishing rod or want to add to your fishing gear, give this series a try. 


The premium rod is constructed with graphite which is strong yet lightweight. It offers impeccable sensitivity and power. This spinning rod incorporates the Fuji reel seat and Kevlar wrapped guides. These guides are sturdy and finished with absolute perfection.

As a result, the overall look seems high-end. The cork grip also has an ergonomic design, which will allow you to fish for hours without exhausting. The Fury rod comes with zirconium inserts guides and a split grip handle that has AA grade cork grip and a strong Hypalon butt.

  • Very sensitive tip
  • Strong letterhead
  • Durable
  • Smoothly casts
  • Doesn’t work well with all baits

Zebco Graphex Casting Rod


As one of the best fishing rods for bass, the Zebco Graphex is an affordable casting rod. It has made the top 11 best bass fishing rod for the money because it works like a high-end product.

You can find diverse lengths in this casting rod which allows you to perform different techniques and lures on your fishing expedition. The product comes with some of the most remarkable features including Aluminum-oxide guides.


This casting rod is made with premium materials which makes it a long-lasting tool. The graphite utilized to construct it is bonded with EX-Fiber.

As a result, the angler will get to enjoy impressive strength and sensitivity.

In addition, the build of this rod incorporates Aluminum-oxide guides. Irrespective of the line that you use, the rod will experience minimal resistance.

A feature that generally doesn’t come in this price range is the natural cork handles. The reel seat is also outstanding through which you can attach the casting reel.

  • The rod is not very pricey. You can check the price on Amazon
  • Several available lengths
  • Reel seats are rock solid
  • Durable
  • Natural cork handles
  • Tip of the rod can break

Lamiglas XP Bass Spinning Rod


Lamiglas XP Bass Spinning Rods is a great rod for topwater fishing.

This type of fishing is thrilling for the majority of anglers when it comes to catching bass.

The rod is specifically designed to cater to smooth bends, ensuring firm hookups. This allows you to catch even the bigger fish.

The XP rods can be utilized for an assortment of bass techniques, fishing plastics, counting flipping jigs, casting spinnerbaits, and more.

It has a Fuji reel seat allowing you to connect the best spinning reel for your needs. 


When fishing in the topwater, it is best to utilize a do-nothing tactic.

When it comes to catching bass in the topwater, the Lamiglas XP Bass rod is the best. The rod is customized for this kind of fishing.

It is constructed with top materials, making it the perfect bass spinning rod.

The rod delivers a smooth functioning and has soft bends that guarantee hookups.

This particular model uses lightweight graphite and comes with a comfortable split-grip cork handle.

It also has Deep-pressed guides with zirconium inserts.

  • Top-quality cork split grips
  • Fuji exposed blank reel seat
  • Lightweight design
  • Value for money
  • Balance can be improved

Shimano Stimula Spinning Rod


Just because a rod is not pricey, doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise on features.

The Shimano Stimula Spinning Rod is a blend of extremely low price paired with features of a high-end rod. These hardy top bass fishing rods come in a diversity of actions and lengths that will grip an extensive assortment of classes and build a sturdy legacy of fishing experiences.

Overall, this spinning rod delivers power and sensitivity that is loved by anglers.

People who do not want a rod that costs an arm and a leg should opt for this one. 


The great-looking rod is made with durable and sturdy graphite composite blank.

Moreover, it comes with aluminum oxide guides that will lessen the line friction. This feature also offers long-lasting durability and reduced line wear for improved corrosion resistance and heat dissipation.

Given the assortment of lengths available, you can modify your selection by picking the action and power that parallels your style of fishing

  • Fantastic power
  • Durable graphite
  • Variety of lengths
  • Quality spinning rod
  • Weak alignment of the guides

Daiwa Tatula Spinning Rod


The Tatula Spinning Rod by Daiwa offers stylish engineering and an exceptional design, making it appear superior for bass fishing. It is a great example of premium quality fishing gear.

This rod is highly durable and will last a long time.

Moreover, the spinning rod is lightweight and has an air rotor which is 15% lighter compared with other models.

Another unique feature of the Tatula rod is the digitally machined Aluminum Alloy Digigear, giving you higher efficiency.

In all, the rod has a strong and attractive finish. 


Owing to its flawless design, this rod provides impeccable features. It has a Zaion Body that is constructed with high-density carbon. This premium material is sturdy.

In addition, the product has an air rotor that disperses even pressure.

It is a lightweight rod, which makes it easy to utilize compared with other spinning designs.

The Graphite construction and SVF carbon fiber make it flexible.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Digitally Optimized
  • Expensive
  • Does not hold a lot of line at once

Things to consider when buying Bass Rods

This segment of the article talks about the little insightful details about the bass fishing rods. 

Spinning vs. Casting Rods

Although every rod has its specific capabilities, both spinning and casting rods have the ability to work well with diverse techniques and lure you opt for when it comes to fishing. However, there are certain differences between both rods.

The main one is the sort of reel that you will attach.

The casting rod comes will require a low-profile casting reel. This type of reel appears to be a tiny winch.

On the other hand, a spinning rod will have an open-faced, underslung spinning reel. To wind the line, this reel features a rotating bail. 

You can purchase both sorts of rods in a diverse range of flexibility and strength. Reel type is actually what makes a difference when it comes to making the rig better than the other for a particular type of fishing. 

  • Spinning rigs have a higher capacity of casting lighter lures
  • Casting rigs have higher power, which results in better casting accuracy

When opting for a new rod, you will need to keep these two mentioned facts related to spinning and casting reels. Keep them under consideration while going through all the road-related decisions discussed below. 

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Rod Action and Power

In terms of the fishing rods, power or weight refers to the overall stiffness. People generally assume that the term action denotes stiffness, which is where people confuse the two. If you tend to get confused amongst the two terms, then refer to the definitions below:

  • Action can be described as the point in the rod where the bend ensues
  • Power defines the ease with which it bends


When it comes to opting for a rod in respect to the action, it is imperative that you keep in mind the particular types of lures and the techniques that will be utilized.

The widespread rod actions comprise fast, medium, and slow. The slow action rod bends only in the lower third of a blank, moderate action bends occur in the top half whereas the bend of the fast action rod appears in the top third of the blank. 

If you plan on utilizing plastic worms or jigs, then it’s best to use a fast-action rod given that it offers anglers a high level of sensitivity. As a result, it will allow you to detect strikes. 

When throwing crankbaits, slow or moderate action rods work perfectly. It is true because the slower action will make casting the lighter plugs easier.

Moreover, it will lead to improved hookups.

The rod needs to be flexible when the fish strikes because it will allow the treble hooks of the crankbait to have a higher chance of digging in.

On the contrary, a stiff rod will likely rip the lure and release the fish you caught. 


When opting for a rod in regard to power, you must always think about the weight of the lure. If you will be casting a heavy bait, e.g. around 1 oz jig on a jiggly rod that is flexible; the weight or power of the lure will bring the rod on the backcast. As a result, you will lose control and power.

In contrast, you will have a frustrating experience if you try to cast a light lure such as a topwater plug on a stiff rod. For this, you will require to put effort into using the entire body even when using a moderately long cast.

The majority of rod producers develop rods with power that is categorized as light, medium, ultra-light, heavy, or extra heavy. The two imperative variables in regards to the rod’s weight are hook setting ability and lure weight. 

Do not Separate Action & Power

Power and action cannot be separated when examining a fishing rod. For topwater fishing, you will need a medium power and action rod. Fast action and medium-heavy rods are perfect for fishing soft plastic jerk baits etc. 

Length of the rod

Determining the accurate length for your bass rod is far easy compared with other variables to be considered. The decision regarding the length is contingent upon the lures that will be utilized, the place of casting, and the techniques that will be utilized. Choosing according to this factor will be easy if you reflect on the lured you will be throwing.

Pros of Longer Rods

  • Long rods will lead to longer casts
  • They move faster and allow great sweeping
  • You will have a higher leverage to move fish

Pros of Shorter rods

  • Shorter rods give better accuracy.
  • These are preferred for ‘trick’ casts such as skipping lures


The majority of the best bass fishing rods for the money are constructed with graphite. Top manufacturers have established unique and impressive manufacturing techniques. These tactics will expose graphite to high heat that makes it stiff and gives it much-needed strength.

In most cases, the development of graphite rod blank includes taking matching graphite fibers and integrating them into sheets with gum. You will have a stiffer rod when the resin and fiber quantity is high. 

Other layers include carbon fiber or fiberglass. You will find a number of rods that offer the desired action and power because fiberglass and graphite layers are adjusted with care. Previously fiberglass rods were common and now they are gaining popularity again.

Glass rods are highly durable but are heavier. However, the contemporary fiberglass designs are coming in lightweights. 

Likewise, the hardware is also essential. When choosing a rod, you must focus on online guides and reel seats.

Make sure that the rod you opt for has durable guides and is constructed with a sturdy reel seat. 


Just like other items you purchase, a pricey fishing rod isn’t necessarily the great one accessible or the right one for you. A couple of things make one rod better than the other including the finish, super high-end cork, etc.

When you are looking for the best rod for bass fishing, consider the important factors like lasting long and having the ability to catch fish. With so much competition, you can now find low- and medium-range rods packed with outstanding characteristics. 


In conclusion, the best rod is the one that matches your style of fishing. So a good bass rod is determined by a couple of factors. Initially, you will have to determine the kind of bass fishing techniques you will incorporate in your strategy. Next, you will need to define the rod features you necessitate for the chosen technique or lure. 

You must always keep in mind the way you intend to utilize the rod when considering rod action, weight, and length. Following this method will help you opt for a perfect rod. In order to indulge in a successful bass fishing experience, it is imperative that you know the accurate bait to use. This will enhance the catching ratio.

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