Knowing where to start when looking for Bass fishing equipment cannot be easy. There is such a wide variety of bass fishing lures out there that it might be overwhelming to choose just one. If you’re already familiar with Bass fishing, you might wonder if you’re utilizing the best equipment.

Seeing so many incredible catches of fish on social media can make you wonder if those “influencers” are utilizing a secret technique. All the same, people who are just getting into bass fishing should have access to this information. To find best bass lures is a difficult task.

The most attract bass fishing lures from our team of guides and experts are listed below. The eleven bass lures we recommend have stood the test of time. Nothing fancy, just the basics of Bass fishing. To help you catch bass like a pro, we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of the best bait bass fishing lure, broken down by color, size, and fishing method.

1.       Strike King 10XD Pro Model Series Crankbait

best bass luresThis beefy piece of delectable bass food rumbles to the perfect depth for a crank that can do it all. If you want to catch fish with this Strike King crank, you need to bump it off the cover. The square lip design of this lure will keep it from getting caught on anything and will come in handy when you need to give it a little additional wiggle for the fish.

Why We Choose It?

We’ve been using the Strike King 1.0 Squarebill for years, and it’s been responsible for some of our biggest catches, especially in tough fishing conditions. The Carolina rig, shakey head, and drop shot rig all benefit from their versatility.

This unique tiny plug is a must-have for any angler’s arsenal, whether braving a wild weather front or fishing for fish in between seasons. When the water is clear, this will draw in big bass; however, it can also be utilized after the lake has turned over and the water is cloudy. It is used by most bass anglers to catch a big fish.


It’s not too difficult to choose from the available colors, but the sheer number of available sizes for this bait can be overwhelming. Of course, no bass angler likes to be limited, so it’s great to know that you can customize the bait’s dimensions and depth to your needs at any time of year and in any particular body of water.

Tight Wiggle

Strike King 1.0, the tight jiggling of Squarebill appears to be fruitful at any time of the year. We wish we could tell you when it’s most effective, but the truth is that it works well all year round.

It’s effective when the bass is keeping close to cover before spawning, after spawning when they’re guarding fry when bass fishing gets tough in the summer, and in the fall when the bass is pursuing schools of small baitfish in the back sides of creeks.

How Do I Use It?

The Chick Magnet is 2 1/4 inches long, weighs 7/16 ounce, and has a thin circuit board lip that enables it to dive quickly and emit the irregular movement that draws bites. Typical lightweight flat-sided crankbaits have poor durability and are difficult to cast accurately and far.

By carefully adjusting the ABS soft plastics’ thickness and stability, Strike King could eliminate these limitations without sacrificing the bait’s authentic balsa-like motion. There are thirteen different hues to choose from, including “Tip’s Special.”

Price & Application

This bait comes in several varieties and a wide range of typical sizes. The cost of this set might vary between $15 and $25. Since they aren’t actually so big, the Magnums are priced around the same as the ordinary sizes.


  • High-Quality Hooks in All Baits
  • long-lasting lips, high-quality split rings, and utter silence


  • The eyes frequently detach.

2.       Megabass Vision 110

Best Bass Lures For FishingOnce the Megabass Vision 110 was released in 2009, huge bass fishing, as we knew it was never the same. In other words, the impact of the widespread availability of high-quality jerk baits that look like natural bait and move like real bait was immediate.

Nationwide, fishermen began using a bait that could be manipulated slowly or quickly to target fish in the deep water columns. Since then, there have been plenty of other credible jerk baits to choose from, but none can compare to the Megabass.

Why We Choose It?

The motion of this bait is what makes it stand out to me. Even under intense tournament pressure, a bass can be fooled into eating if the lure is fished slowly. However, a rapid retrieve works just as well when the bass is schooled up and pursuing bait. It is famous for its smallmouth bass prowess.

The perfectly tuned swimming behavior of the bait makes it look like a fleeing baitfish. You may find it in 56 different colors right now, making it possible to mimic any baitfish, from bluegills to perch, perfectly. It serves better than plastic worm bait.

In several scenarios, gorgeous shad has been our go-to. In the early season, before the bass spawn, they are actively feeding to bulk up in preparation for the next event. Nonetheless, it would be best if you weren’t frightened to fish for them in windy conditions, when baitfish are tossed around and easy prey.

Weight transfer sets the standard

Regarding the weight transfer method, Megabass paved the way since they wanted to create a jerk bait that fixed everything wrong with jerk baits. The most frequently voiced criticism was that getting the baits to suspend properly in different water temperatures took too much effort.

Those darts were not easy to throw while the wind was blowing. They didn’t have a wide variety of realistic hues and were too swift to escape the hitting zone.

The Ito Vision 110’s weight transfer technology improved its castability. It gave it a more upright stance, allowing it to dart more accurately in all directions (both horizontally and vertically) without leaving the striking area. When fishing for bass in really cold water, this becomes paramount.


The Vision 110 has such a beautiful finish that you’ll be impressed before casting it. Each lure, no matter the design, is expertly sculpted and painted. There is a vast selection of colors and materials available for the Vision. The Megabass website features a full-color palette for your perusal.

These lures are available in a wide variety of eye-catching patterns, including reflective foil, expertly airbrushed matte, and transparent “ghost” designs. The aggressive appearance of this lure is accentuated by gill plates that actually stretch to the bottom.

This sort of attention to detail is what gives Megabass its distinctive character. The rest of its body is coated in scales, and a lateral line can be seen running from its gills down to its tail. Like all other Ito lures, the Vision has a clear expiration date and a detailed label.


  • There is a wide range of realistic color possibilities.
  • Fantastic aquatic workout!
  • Hooks with barbs on the outside to increase catches


  • Expense-wise, this one’s a no-go.

3.       Strike King Hack Attack Jig

The KVD Finesse Spinnerbait is a versatile lure bait created by Strike King and seven-time Fisherman of the Year Kevin VanDam. The spinnerbait’s pin, which links the blades to the hook, is designed to deflect weed guard and stick, making it especially effective in shallow vegetation.

The bigger willow-shaped blade spins quickly through heavy cover, while the shorter Colorado blade is built for optimum vibration to catching bass. Both pieces are constructed from shiny metal that shines in the light.

Why We Choose It?

The lure is made with high-quality materials, from the expensive hook to the sturdy ball-bearing swivel. Natural coloration and a slimmer profile that convincingly mimics live bait result in more strikes when using the Perfect Skirt and the Magic Tail. It is best for people who consistently catch fish and want a super fish attracting bass lure.

Predatory bass is no match for the pulsating action created by the silicone skirt and the flapping KVD-insignia-stamped blades. Select a lure with a weight of either 0.5 ounces or 0.37 ounces, and then decide between various attractive hues like blue gizzard, attractive greenish shad, and ultra white.

Head Design Key To Success

The two main features of the Strike King Hack Attack Fluorocarbon Flipping Jig are the head shape and the hook. This jighead was designed to get over and through cover; therefore, it had a concealed line tie, a little enlarged head, and a snout that sloped upwards. The shape of this head is ideal for use on grass, wood, and revolving hardcovers like docks.

Sticks Them In The Roof Of The Mouth

Our recent catches have all been fish with pins in their snouts or on the roof of their mouths. And several fish have needed to have their hooks removed using pliers. According to the reports we read, this jig has some problems with hooking.

We think they are attempting to utilize a flipping jig with traditional casting equipment, which would not work. As we’ve mentioned, the Strike King Hack Attack Fluoro Flipping Jig is specialized for flipping tight cover with hefty fluorocarbon rigs.


There are wide varieties and styles of this lure to choose from. You might pay anywhere from $5 to $10 for this bundle. The Strike King Hack Attack Jigs are priced similarly to regular jigs because they aren’t truly that much larger than the average jig.


  • Among the deadliest heavy-cover swim jigs ever created.
  • Equipped with a Gamakatsu Extreme hook that is among the sharpest in the world
  • Designed to survive the harshest conditions in the murkiest of seas
  • Powerful weed barrier
  • Use in tandem with a soft plastic coastal lure for maximum effect!


  • There is a wide range of realistic color possibilities.

4.       Berkley Frittside Crankbait

Bassmaster Classic champion David Fritts credits his victory to the iconic Berkley Frittside crankbait. Berkley redesigned the Frittsides with state-of-the-art technology and upgraded hooks, making them the best crankbait available, no matter the water quality.

With Berkley’s unique flash paste, the Berkley Frittside, now available in a broad variety of colors, has a tight, silent thud and superb flash. The Berkley Frittside is perfectly weighted for pinpoint casting, and its flat profile is designed to resemble a wide range of baitfish, increasing the likelihood of a bite when other lures have failed.

Why We Choose It?

The Berkley Frittside features a Berkley Fusion19 treble hook, allowing for quick and powerful hooksets. Everything that made the first version so legendary has been included in the new model, making it even more effective at capturing fish.

We use the Berkley Frittside crankbait throughout the year. We have terrific experience fishing it in rough seas and near grassland cover. Depending on the season or weather, we may bring several of these in a different color to match the hatch.

These Treble Hooks Are Legit

Before trying this crankbait, we didn’t have a lot of practice with Berkley Fusion19 treble hooks. I’ve always relied predominantly on one particular style and rarely deviated from it. But trust me when we say that we will be purchasing more of these hooks to use with our other hard baits.

The Frittside 5 comes equipped with these high-quality treble hooks right out of the box. We haven’t lost a single fish using these hooks since they penetrate so well. It’s important to keep in mind that we’ve been fishing for extremely sluggish winter bass, which, because of the cold water, have mouths that are very hard and difficult to break with a hook point.

When you swivel the speaker’s head to the side, the Fusion19s immediately latch onto the bass and don’t let go.

Durability and castability impress

Lightweight and easily broken, balsa has always been a limitation of the material. It’s not that balsa baits aren’t effective; they just have a short shelf life if not properly maintained. They can be difficult to cast when the wind is blowing.

Plastic baits made quick work of such issues, and newer plastic baits have rendered many balsa baits superfluous. The Frittside bait appears to be exceptional in terms of its longevity. We’ve slapped some grass off of it, caressed a bluff, and caught a fair amount of fish using one of them.

It’s not as sturdy as a lipless crankbait, but you can smack some vegetation off without worrying about damaging the lure. So far, after so many days of fishing with this bait, we haven’t found it necessary to adjust the tuning.


Using this hook, you can choose from various variations and colors. This set might cost you as little as $9.90. Despite their greater size, the Berkley Frittside Crankbait is marketed as comparable to standard jigs.


  • The flat profile is reminiscent of numerous species of baitfish.
  • Intensely compressed sound, much like the pounding of balsa wood.
  • Well-balanced for greater range in throws
  • Superior Hooks
  • Exceptional for use in low-visibility settings or when fish aren’t biting other lures
  • The exclusive Berkley flash paste produces the brightest, longest-lasting flash.


  • A lack of quality hooks in baits.

5.       SPRO Dean Rojas Bronzeye

When the summer grass beds have saturated the water’s surface, bass fishermen used to rely only on casting topwater hollow-bodied frogs. Those times have passed forever. The hollow-bodied frog has become an all-year lure.

Why We Choose It?

Anglers eventually learned that this bait was most effective when cast over and near any form of shallow water cover rather than over and close that matted grass. While that “secret” has long since been revealed, the latest wave of the topwater frog fad is just taking the same bait and adding a blowing mouth.

Dean Rojas of Spro has noticed this pattern for a while, and now we’re investigating the lure he uses most often. The Dean Rojas Bronzeye Poppin Frog from Spro is up next.


Most of the half-ounce Bronzeye Poppin Frog 60’s weight is concentrated towards its tail, making it a breeze to cast and skip precisely where you want it to go. The bait’s stock legs are the only element that might be preventing it from moving forward. Most anglers will cut off the bait’s legs to make it more aerodynamic and simpler to handle.

Hook-Up Ratio

Any bass that happens to be around can easily devour a Spit Shad because of its delectable profile. Its legs stick bait out from the end of its slim body so that nothing can stand in your way.

The Spit Shad’s back appears to be built up or fortified, making it more difficult to compress the bait and exposing less of the hook point. So far, this has been the only problem we’ve discovered with the bait.

Innovation & Design

More and more companies are getting on the bandwagon of producing hollow-bodied bait fish. So far, my favorite model in this special concept has been made by Spro, even though its profile is the least reminiscent of a bait fish.

The Spit Shad’s body is well suited for moving baits, and its mouth, according to its name, does provide more of a spewing movement than a popping one. The jaws shovel, such as design, moves water while still letting the bait walk bringing fishermen the best of both worlds.


When employing this hook, you have a wide variety of options available in terms of appearance and variance. This package might cost you little enough as $14.17 if you get it now.


  • Topwater lures frog with a hollow body, 2 1/2 inches long and 5/8 ounces of weight, made by SPRO and named after Dean Rojas.
  • Highest quality topwater frog for bass fishing.
  • Performs effectively in both open water and heavy cover.
  • Comes ready to fish with two super sharp and durable size 4/0 Gamakatsu Superline EWG frog hooks.


  • There is a lack of variety in terms of color patterns, meaning that you can’t use them in any fishing setting.

6.       Zoom U Tail Worm 6″

What a timeless bait! Zoom Bait Co. has been one of the most trusted names in bass fishing lures for decades because of its classic worm designs. In the world of soft plastic worms, Zoom was an early innovator whose designs have since been extensively imitated “U Tail.

Why We Choose It?

If you want a bass lure that will catch fish in various conditions, go no further than the Zoom U Tail for its wide appeal and effective swimming action. It may be fished at any depth, and its color scheme mimics many bass food items.

Worms like the U Tail are commonly fished using a Texas rig, and the subtle yet lifelike and tempting movement that the coiled tail provides during recovery is a major draw for fish. The plastic is long-lasting, and a single worm may usually be used on multiple fish.

They Flat-Out Bite It

A Zoom Mag 2 in a plum or green pumpkin color is one of the most favorite tourist bass fishing rigs on the planet. Large enough to be noticed in murky water, yet compact and sleek enough to sneak under thick cover while fishing in shallow water.

With these worms, we had a lot of success fishing thick brush piles, shallow laydowns, and beyond structure. You can count on me to have one rigged from the time the yearly bass spawn concludes until about the end of summer.


There is a lot of leeway in terms of presentation and variation when using this bait. If you buy this bundle right now, perhaps it would price you as low as $5.


  • Authentic, time-tested style
  • There are 20 baits in each bag, which is a great deal.
  • Fantastic range of colors to choose from
  • Exceptional sturdiness


  • Not the most adaptable lure
  • It would be convenient to have a range of available lengths.

Methodology to Choose Best Bass Lures

Bass fishing is so varied that it’s hard to devise any hard and fast rules about it. A bass is a bass, yet its behavior and diet can change greatly based on its environment, food source, and depth.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of options that reaches from the most obvious to the most subterranean dens that bass call home. Remember that food and water clarity come first, then location, but don’t overlook time-tested lures.

Things to Consider

If you want to catch more fish, it’s a good idea to try new spots occasionally, no matter where you usually fish. Just because you’ve had success in the past with a certain lure, or a certain size or shade of that lure, doesn’t imply you can’t find something more effective.

The game is all about seizing opportunities when they present themselves. Lack of openness of mind is the worst possible trait. You’ll never have to wonder if a product or service has what it takes to succeed if you always have tried-and-true winners on board, even if things look hopeless or only slightly off.

The Final Thoughts

We have compiled a list of the best bass lures for fishing in 2022 in this post. The best bass lures can have an enormous impact on catching fish. Pairing a lure to the bait will get a lot of bites if you understand what the fish are eating. For starters, it’s best to try out different approaches and use a wide range of bait that can attract fish from different depths.

The lures we chose are excellent foundations for more advanced bass fishing techniques. Test them out and see which ones work best with your fishing technique. Most of these lures may be utilized in various situations, making them useful for largemouth bass fishing gear all year round.



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