Best Fishing Sunglasses

Studies indicate that polarized sunglasses are the most effective means of protecting eyes from UV rays outdoors. Sunglasses are an essential but frequently underrated component of fishing equipment. The best sunglasses for fishing are polarized to see fish while shielding your eyes from the sun, eyestrain, and wind.

In this post, we will cover our exhaustive research to find the top-rated and best fishing sunglasses in 2022. We’ve put together a handy comparison chart, and we’ll elaborate on our ideas for each set of parallels below.

5 Best Fishing Sunglasses

1.       Costa Del Mar Lido Sunglasses


Costa Del Mar is now among the most well-known brands of high-performance fishing sunglasses. If you’re going sight fishing in bright sunlight, we highly recommend the $217 Lido Frame with Green Mirror Lens. Whether traveling to the flats to catch saltwater fishing or the mountains to hunt trout, the Lido is a great addition to your kit bag.

These sunglasses have a timeless design and double as a protective protection for your eyes. With their detachable, non-protruding nose parts, these glasses can be customized for a snugger fit. They serve their purpose while also being accommodating and protective.

The color-enhancing capabilities of the Costa 580 lenses are well-known and greatly facilitate spotting fish in their natural habitat. Depending on your intended catch, these are helpful when eye fishing in bright light. Lenses can be made from either polycarbonate or glass, giving you flexibility in terms of weight and durability.

580G Lenses

The most advanced eyewear from Costa Del Mar Lido is jam-packed with cutting-edge features. Costa’s 580 technology, which features a glass composition, filters out yellow light at 580 nanometers while boosting reds, blues, and greens to improve contrast, sharpness, and color accuracy in any setting. They shield from UV rays 100 percent and are fully polarized.

580P Lenses

The most advanced lenses on offer at Costa del Mar Lido are fully equipped with technology. Sharper contrast, improved definition, and more vibrant colors are all available in any setting due to Costa’s 580 technology, which filters out yellow light at 580 nanometers while boosting reds, blues, and greens. They block out the sun’s rays completely and are also fully polarized.

These Sunglasses Stay in Place

The rubber across the bridge of the nose and on the temples holds the glasses securely in place. We love how the temples are heavily reinforced with nonslip rubber. Costa didn’t skimp, and the glasses didn’t move around. We don’t like that the temples have little slots on the ends where clips can go.

Costa sells the clips separately; however, they are not included with purchasing a pair of Costa Del Mar Lido Sunglasses. Adding a $10 leash is a lovely touch for high-end spectacles with a hefty price tag.


Although the Costa Del Mar Lido Sunglasses retail a whopping $200 to $220, they are an excellent option for individuals who will invest much of their life near the water and love fishing.


  • Polarized 580 Lenses
  • Take in a full dose of UV rays
  • With its C-Wall coating, the wall is more scratch-resistant
  • This is fully adjustable
  • Provides a wide selection of stylish sunglasses for both genders
  • Sustainably sourced materials
  • Spectacles frames available with corrective lenses


  • Somewhat out of the pricing range.

2.       Hobie Monarch Float Sunglasses


The latest pair of fishing sunglasses by Hobie, the Monarch Float, is one of our favorites. When peering deeply into the water, the readily removable side panels help to filter off stray light from above and to the sides. However, they may be removed quickly so the truck can be driven to the lake.

The frames are water-resistant and include a flexible retention strap, HydroClean lenses with a 360-degree field of vision, and a more streamlined 6-base curve profile. These might range from medium to huge (53-20-126). However, we enjoy how they look and how light they are for fishing and general use.


Safeguard your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays while you fish in style with the help of Hobie’s Monarch Float Polarized Sunglasses, featuring a floating frame with adaptable functionality.

We’ve taken the best parts of our best fishing framework and our best floating frame and merged them into one awesome pair of sunglasses that can be worn on the water and off. We are overjoyed with the results.

See To Infinity And Beyond With Hydroclean Plus

Hobie’s renowned Hydroclean Plus coating, applied to both the front and back of the lens, is standard in the Hydro Infinity collection. This means the lenses are self-cleaning on the inside and exterior, resisting the accumulation of water, grease, and grime.

When fishing from a kayak, anglers don’t always have the freedom to wipe away sweat and mist. Finding a dry cloth to remove sunscreen and fish slime from your glasses is a real challenge when paddling around in a kayak. Because of the Hydroclean plus coating, cleaning is a breeze. Raindrops form on the lens and roll off without leaving any salt residue. And sticky substances can be removed using the soft fabric of an old shirt.


The Hobie Monarch Float Sunglasses are an excellent investment for anybody who will spend a substantial part of their life on or around water, despite their steep price tag of $57.


  • The material for the Floating Frame Is Lightweight.
  • Comes with a Retainer That You Can Tweak
  • Water, dirt, and grease are no match for the HydroCleanTM 360° Lenses.
  • Complete Shielding From All UV Rays
  • With Polarized Polycarbonate Lenses and a 6 Base Bridge
  • Hinges that last, built-in


  • Non-Removable Side Shields

3.      Oakley Split Shot Prizm Sapphire Polarized


Our experience with the Oakley Split Shot was limited to sunny days on the water, but that’s to be expected, given the intended use of the sunglasses. Choose Prizm Shallow Water Polarized lenses if you need more light to enter your eyes. Thus, the Oakley Split Shot is preferable on overcast days and during dawn and dusk. Oakley has a long reputation as a manufacturer of top-tier fishing eyewear.

The Split Shot provides excellent protection from the sun due to its snug fit. Another nice touch is a removable leash for storage while not using your sunglasses. If you’re into activities like skiing and mountain biking in addition to fly fishing, these glasses are an excellent investment. Their snug design shields you from wind gusts while engaging in these activities.

Full Coverage

Similar to the Turbine in its all-encompassing nature, the Split Shot was inspired by it. Wraparound frames like these shield your eyes from stray light that may otherwise enter via the sides or back of the frame and reflect off the interior of the lens. The top of the frame is stretched out, and the side shields are extended, so no light can get in and damage your eyes. The wider lenses will improve your peripheral vision.

Hat Compatibility

Several people who spend time on the water want to protect their heads from the sun by donning a hat. Nothing could be more frustrating if you’re like me and can’t bear to part with either your favorite hat or your beloved pair of sunglasses.

You can have both because the Split Shot is made in a way that is compatible with most hats, so you won’t have to decide between the two. The Brow line is angled downward at the borders to prevent collision with a rounded hat’s brim. The temple arms are also thin enough to hide under a baseball cap for all-day wearability.

PRIZM Lens Technology

The PRIZM lenses are a great addition to the Split Shot’s ultimate frame design. Intending to improve visibility in low-light conditions, Oakley developed PRIZM lenses. This technology eliminates distracting hues while amplifying those to which the human eye is most attuned. You’ll easily see fish below the water’s surface if you’re a fisherman. With PRIZM technology, you can look beyond the ocean’s surface and into its depths.


Oakley Split Shot sunglasses have Plutonite lenses, which block 100% harmful UV rays. These exclusive Oakley materials provide clarity and resistance to the impact that is up to ANSI Z80.3 requirements. Our analysis of the Oakley Split Shot wouldn’t be comprehensive without discussing the Prizm lens choices.

Prizm and Prizm Polarized lenses come in various colors and can be added to the Split Shot. However, our top picks are the Deep Water Prizm Polarized and the Shallow Water Prizm Polarized lenses.


The Oakley Split Shot Prizm Sunglasses come with a high starting price of $195, but they are a great replacement for anyone who will invest a substantial portion of their life near the water. This person is a good candidate for purchasing these sunglasses.


  • Due to PRIZM technology, you can see stunning detail.
  • In addition to being suitable for any outdoor activity, its impact protection makes it a good pick.
  • Customizable
  • Polarized
  • Best for fishing outdoors


  • There aren’t a lot of colors to choose from.

4.       Zeal Optics Snapshot Sunglasses


Offshore fishermen need to take every precaution against the sun’s harmful rays and the sea’s dazzling reflections. The Zeal Optics Snapshot offers comprehensive protection while sailing the open seas. The substantially thin temples and overall wraparound design ensure that you can see well without straining your eyes.

Despite its more robust appearance, the Snapshot is surprisingly light in weight because of its one-of-a-kind Z-Resin construction. Castor plant by-products create a durable material that is also kind to the environment.

Zeal Ellume Polarized

Ellume Polarized lenses, accessible for all Zeal sunglasses, will change how you look at the world. Ellume Polarized lenses enhance your view of nature’s splendor with enhanced color and contrast thanks to their 99.9% polarization performance, 100% UV protection, and 95% blue light filtering. This exclusive lens technology is just as eco-friendly as Zeal frames and provides crisp, clear vision.

Plant-based Z-Resin is used to make Ellume Polarized lenses, which results in a high-purity lens that is less polluted than regular lenses. Ellume Polarized glasses are Rx-able, and when you believe they couldn’t get any nicer, they do.

Zeal Ellume Bio-Plastic Lens

Ellume Polarized is the first lens in the world to use a plant-based adhesive, eliminating the need for a binder derived from petroleum. This lens demonstrates that eco-friendly practices need not exclude a high-quality optical experience by sacrificing visual quality or impact resistance.

With Ellume lenses, you can guarantee that you will be shielded against harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, as well as HEV light, without sacrificing style or convenience. These sunglasses are used in these sunglasses, making them best for outdoor adventures like freshwater fishing.

Camloc Hinge

Camloc is a bespoke system that locks your bases, so they don’t move whether your glasses are open or closed, reducing the risk of lens scratching. By defining the features in two stages, the hinge ensures that you’ll always have two touchpoints with your frame’s temples, even when fully extended.


The Zeal Optics Snapshot Sunglasses may be less expensive at $99, but they are well worth the investment for anyone planning to live a considerable amount of their time in or around the water.


  • Polarized HD glasses
  • Coatings that reduce reflection
  • Oil-repellent therapy
  • Hydrophobic Surface Modification
  • The plant-based framework is strong, long-lasting, and eco-friendly.
  • Frames are held securely and comfortably in place by ProFlex rubber.
  • To ensure a secure hold, Camlock hinges are used.
  • Rx-capable Ellume Polarized lenses are included.


  • Not Floatable

5.       Maui Jim Makoa Sunglasses


The sunglasses have a square lens design that immediately stands out. This is an incredibly timeless cut that can be worn with panache by either gender. To that end, these have a SportRx Frame Width of 132, which makes them roughly the same size for men as they would be for women. Rob’s enormous noggin makes these uncomfortably snug, but they’d be perfect if you had a medium-sized head.

The Makoa also features a saddle-shaped nose bridge with rubber tips for added comfort and stability. If you wear them while jogging, they will stay securely on your face due to the temple grips. The frame is built out of ultralight nylon with a wire core for added durability and versatility.

The Makao also highlights the convenient and robust spring hinges. Unlike other sunglasses, the spring hinges make them seem cheap and loose on your face. The hinges on a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses are made of the same high-grade metal as the rest of the frame.

In keeping with the theme of premium construction elements, the Makoa features cutting-edge PolarizedPlus2® lenses. Yes, especially if you need a doctor’s note to get them!

Frame Quality

The Makoa sunglasses have a solid, reliable feel on the hand and the face. Their sturdy, brown, wood-grain nylon frames are comforted with rubber grip patches on the nose and arms. They’re not flimsy, but they give you the impression that you can bend them without breaking them. The hidden spring hinges on the Maui Jims are both flexible and lightweight, allowing for a greater range of motion. The Makoa’s heft also plays a role in this context.

Compared to the almost ethereal lightness of other models, the Makoa’s bulk gives it a more sturdy feel. This, however, is a larger burden. However, most of us welcome this added layer of protection, which makes us feel more at ease, knowing we can just put them in our carry-on or sling over our shoulders.


The lenses of these sunglasses, like all Maui Jim sunglasses, are of the highest quality and provide exceptional optics and many different types of lens protection. The Maui Jim Makoa has the company’s cutting-edge MauiBrilliant lenses. These lenses find an excellent middle ground between portability and optical clarity.

When you consider that, in addition to providing the best optical experience Maui has to offer outside of their glass lenses, you’ll realize that the fact that MauiBrilliant lenses are also among the lightest lens alternatives available says a lot.


You can find Maui Jim sunglasses at a broad range of prices based on the type and specific characteristics you require. The company’s entry-level versions cost between $200 and $500, and its high-end models can cost more than $500. For $262, you can get a pair of Maui Jim Makoa Sunglasses on Amazon.


  • PolarizedPlus2 technology-equipped sunglasses
  • You can personalize your Maui Jims.
  • Outstanding reputation amongst existing customers
  • Financing options for making payments
  • Allows for delivery to any country in the world


  • Somewhat pricy

What Are the Benefits of Using Sunglasses for Fishing?

Super lightweight

In other words, fishermen might wear fishing sunglasses all day without becoming a burden. These glasses were made to reduce fatigue by being extremely lightweight.

They improve vision

Sunglasses designed specifically for fishing allow the wearer to observe the water better and locate the fish they want. When fishing in a large body of water, it can be tough to know where to halt and throw the line; therefore, this attribute comes in handy.

They keep your eyes safe from the sun

Sun protection is an additional gain from wearing sunglasses while fishing. If you plan on doing any serious fishing, they are essential. Eyestrain, photophobia, and eventually blindness can result from overexposure to sunlight.

Polarized lenses eliminate glare

Polarized sunglasses reduce reflections from water and snow as well as light. Some motorists even choose to wear polarized glasses due to their effectiveness.

Polarized fishing glasses aren’t simply useful for reducing glare; they also keep you from having to squint. Nevertheless, polarized sunglasses can be dangerous if you have sensitive eyes. The lenses alter light in a way that could be dangerous for your eyes.

Additionally, if you enjoy night fishing, you should avoid doing it while wearing polarized sunglasses. They block out a lot of the light, making it difficult, if not impossible, to see.

They are made strong

Glasses designed for fishing are built to last, with durable materials. They are constructed to resist wear and scratching, so they keep their sleek appearance for longer.

Fishing Sunglasses Color Lens Guide

Common belief holds that daybreak and sunset are the most active times for fish. Some species of fish are known to be more active during cloudy, stormy weather. The issue, though, is that there isn’t enough light for fishing at those times. Here’s where a pair of polarized sunglasses come in handy; not only will they shield your eyes from the sun, but the right lens color combination will also improve your eyesight in low light.

In low-light situations, yellow lenses are preferred. The wearer’s eyes can absorb the light due to the vivid color, improving visibility with reduced glare and enhanced contrast.

The grey lens works great for casual situations. As a means of minimizing distortion, it allows the full range of colors to pass through. A sunny day on the open water is the best for fishing. The copper lens’s extreme contrast is quite comforting to the eyes. This lens is the finest option for sight fishing since it absorbs blue light, increases visual activity, and improves contrast.

It is widely agreed that the brown lens is superior, allowing for more accurate color perception and better contrast. The shallow water and high luminosity make it a great choice for fishing. On the other hand, while fishing during periods of heavy cloud cover and rain, amber-colored lenses perform exceptionally well.

The Final Thoughts

We have listed the best fishing sunglasses in 2022 in this article. Price points for 2022’s best fishing sunglasses could range from $17 for basic models to $250 for cutting-edge technology in polarized lenses. The specs of the glasses sold will determine whether or not this price is a ceiling.

Because of their ability to boost contrast and function effectively in low-light settings, brown polarized sunglasses are the finest option. It works wonderfully in typical situations as well. On the other hand, grey polarized lenses are the way to go if you spend a lot of time out on the water. They shine in the azure depths. Whichever sunglasses you choose, make sure to look into their specs.


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