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If you are into bass fishing, then one of the best baits is rooster tails fishing lures.  These tails can often act as the perfect small presentation lures to catch fish such as bass. Rooster tails are ideal given that they are less intrusive and these small lures are easily identified when the fish becomes less aggressive. In this article, we will discuss the 8 Best Rooster Tails For Bass and mention the qualities possessed by each.

These tails tend to have reflective and flashing impacts that are shaped to replicate the erratic swimming of a minnow or wounded shad. Such lures tend to be popular for anglers looking to buy bass lures at a decent price.

So why are rooster tails excellent when it comes to bass fishing?

These lures are one of the most effective baits to attract and catch bass. It is essential to have rooster tails in your tackle box owing to their simplicity.  It is because bass fishermen tend to quickly and conveniently cover a huge area of water. Rooster tails come in numerous shapes, sizes, and colours to resemble different fish types and attract bass in a variety of water environments. Bass fishing with Best Rooster Tails For Bass is interesting because they have an easy-to-use design. Moreover, these baits require limited skill and practice to attract bass to the bite.

You can easily catch largemouth and smallmouth bass using these lures, irrespective of the river or lake you opt to fish in. Even if you want your son to venture into fishing or want to take a step back from the other flashy bait alternatives, the best rooster tail for bass will do the trick. Tie them on and see whether bass bites or not. However, it will offer an excellent fishing action for you that will aid you to get a higher bite rate and increase your catch, irrespective of your fishing ability level.

A major reason why anglers choose to fish with Roostertail is the price it comes at. You can find a good quality lure for an affordable price. There are some people who love to purchase the best of the best when it comes to fishing lures.  However, others might want a bait that is known for getting a bite. Rooster tails offer both and are perfect at this price point.

Rooster Tail Sizes and Colors

When it comes to the rooster tail sizes for bass fishing, there is no one size fits all. However, statistics show that using a bait between 1/4 oz and 1/16 oz tends to land a higher number of fish. The majority of professional anglers are prone to using 1/8 oz. It is recommended because these lures strike the perfect balance in terms of sizes and numbers. Moreover, it will aid you to have a productive day on the water.

Typically, smaller size rooster tails will catch a higher number of fish. So choosing a 1/8 oz. will get you a good volume of action and some big-sized fish. However, if you are low on the budget; a great alternative is the 1/16 oz Rooster Tail. It will let you catch trout, bass, bluegill, and other species.

If you are in the market to buy a rooster tail, you will notice that there is a large variety of brands that offer versatility and allow people to fish using different retrieval speeds and at diverse depths. In short, the lighter spinners are perfect for smallmouth bass whereas larger spinners work excellently for catching fish in the spring.

Our Top Pick: list of 8 Best Rooster Tails for Bass in 2022

When you look around in the market for Rooster Tails, chances are that you will get confused. There are numerous alternatives that you can opt from, which can tangle up beginners. For this reason, the article will focus on enlisting the best rooster tails for bass fishing. You will find details such as colour, price, and other features.

If you are looking to go top rooster tails for bass, then check out the following reviews. These lures can also entice largemouth bass and smallmouth bass as well.

1. Worden’s Original Rooster Tail June Bug

Originated in the 1950s, Worden’s original rooster tail has been a popular choice for bass anglers. Even after years, people still consider this lure as the most productive spinners. June Bug is the best rooster tails for bass and can catch just about any gamefish. This model comes with a moving tail that entices the fish. Moreover, it also has an attractive spinning action that makes this bait striking to the fish. The June Bug colour from the brand Worden’s is phenomenal when it comes to baits accessible in the market. This bait is ideal for murky waters as the colour ensures that the angler can see the action underwater. It is also less intrusive. The June Bug spinner is gold that offers an excellent reflection of light. Facilitating this is the chartreuse coloured feathers, making it easier to catch bass. Brighter colours stick out better in murky waters and get a higher response in low-visibility surroundings. This lure is also suggested given that it has a natural bluegill body design. It offers a realistic staging which is still imperative since bass will possibly trail your rooster tail to check it prior to attacking.

If you are searching for this rooster tail and want to purchase it from a reliable store, then check out Amazon.


  • Size: 1/16 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches
  • Color: June Bug
  • Target Species: Bass and Panfish
  • Water Type: best for murky water
  • Body material: lead

2. Johnson Min-O Trout Spinner

Resembling small fleeing shiner fish, Johnson Min-O Trout Spinner is perfect for trolling or casting a variety of predatory fish. It is made using premium quality materials which makes it suitable for all kinds of waters. This model has an effective pattern, which looks a lot like rainbow trout. The bait also sticks out because the body is designed to look like a fish, rather than a simple metal tube painted with different colours. Bass fishing with rooster tails works best on sunny days in clear or tinted waters. The blades and the body is designed to spin at the slightest of reel’s rotation. Moreover, the lure has 3D eyes and real-like patterns of scale. The durability of nickel hooks is amazing. It has flash foil tinsel and feathers which attracts predator fish with ease.

If you wish to fish like an expert, try to cast Min-O trout Spinner from behind fallen branches or big boulders where trout generally hide. Purchase this excellent bait at Amazon.


  • Type: Spin Hard Bait
  • Quantity: 1
  • Color: Firetiger
  • Weight: 1/4 oz
  • Comes with: strong black nickel hooks

3. Worden’s Rooster Tail White Red Color

Unlike murky waters, clear waters do not require the use of vibrant colors such as chartreuse. For this reason, the White Red Worden’s Rooster Tail is ideal for such clear environments. It offers a simplistic design that performs excellently in clear water. This classic design has been around for ages and is still accessible owing to its effectiveness. The bait has a red tip which is far better than the all-white version. It is better given that the lure looks like an injured or wounded batfish. As a result, it draws more attention and strikes the fish. This rooster tail is the perfect blend of a spinning blade’s action and a pulsating hackle tail. The tail is colorful and is hard for gamefish to resist.


  • Hook Size: 10 Treble Hook
  • Color: Red & white
  • Perfect for: clear waters
  • In-line weighted body design
  • Pulsating hackle tail
  • Rooster tail fishing lures has a unique spinning action
  • Genuine silver, brass, or copper blades
  • Available on: Amazon

4. Yakima Bait Worden’s Frog Rooster Tail

If you are looking for a perfect rooster tail to be used around weeds and other aquatic plants, then opt for Yakima Bait /Worden’s Frog Rooster Tail. When you have utilized Topwater baits to catch a largemouth bass without success, then this can be your go-to lure. The bait comes with a frog pattern as the name suggests and it replicates a frog’s commotion. The colors on the tail are similar to a bullfrog. The likelihood of the strike is augmented with this rooster tail because it has a low-profile black treble hook.

Rooster tail fishing lures from this brand have a unique pulsating tail when placed in the water. The spinner on this lure displaces water and flashes to entice fish such as bass. Tried and tested everything? All failed? Purchase this trusted in-line spinner design! You can get it from Amazon.


  • Dimensions: ‎ 5.16 x 1.85 x 0.24 inches
  • Weight: 0.39 Ounces
  • Perfect for: Weeds & aquatic plants
  • Color: Green
  • Pattern: Frog pattern

5. Akataka Fishing Lures Spinner Baits (10 Pcs)

If you are searching for a perfect kit of spinnerbaits and rooster tail, then purchase this Akataka Fishing Lures set. It comes with 10 pcs and a tackle box making it easier to use and restock your baits. The sizes range from 1.97 – 2.56 inches and the weight range from 0.12-0.17 oz. As a result, you can easily catch bigger fish owing to the variety of choices accessible. Bass fishing with rooster tails comes with a blend of vibration and flash of a rotatable bright blade.

This gives it a real-life-like motion, which attracts big fish such as bass to bite. The spin action on this bait is excellent, making it perfect for catching fish. This set offers a wide variety of lures for different fish. The bright colors bait can be utilized to catch saltwater and freshwater fish like trout, bass, walleye, crappie, and salmon. It is a versatile lure kit that has diverse shapes and sizes which is also ideal for different water conditions like ocean rock fishing, ocean beach fishing, pond, river, lake, and stream. Every bait in this kit has a sharp treble. It has a copper-plated blade and a stainless steel spindle, which is impressive for hook-ups. Roostertail fishing lures are striking for several types of fish. The best feature is that the kit has a reasonable price.


  • Material: metal
  • Quantity: 10 pcs fishing spinners
  • Weight: 0.12oz -0.15 oz
  • Length: 2.17 in-2.4 in
  • Colors: colorful but bright
  • Packing: 1 Plastic box, 10 pcs bass trout fishing lures

6. Worden’s Original Grey Minnow Rooster Tail

Since its introduction, anglers have been investing in Worden for their go-to choice of fishing equipment such as reels, lures, and baits. Worden’s Original Grey Minnow tail is well-reputed to be a versatile and productive bait. It has the capacity of catching a diverse range of fish species including salmon, bass, trout, etc. This Rooster Tail features numerous unique features that not only get fish to bite but bite hard. Bass fishing with rooster tails is quite easy given that it comes with a bright blade that attracts fish into moving towards the bait. The Rooster Tail comes with a super-soft pulsating hackle tail which makes the lure look real. This bait is equipped with a sticky-sharp treble hook, which provides proven performance. It is ideal for small-presentation bait for bass feeding. The body of the Best Rooster Tails For Bass also has a silver spinner which resembles the flashing of a shad’s scales. Whether you are fishing in the lake or stream or river, the Grey Minnow pattern is effective for catching fish on days that are slightly cloudy.

Check out Amazon for the price and which reel to pair this with for ultimate success.


  • Pattern: Grey Minnow
  • Design: in-line weighted body
  • Type: 3/4-Ounce Multi-Specie Casting and Trolling Spinner
  • Color: Blend of grey and silver
  • Comes with: sticky-sharp treble hook
  • Spinner: Silver
  • Material: Copper and brass

7. Panther Martin Deluxe Trout Gold/Black/Red

If you are looking for a larger spinner but a shorter bait, then purchase the Panther Martin Deluxe Trout Gold/Black/Red from Amazon. In this version, the spinner piece is worth checking out because it is longer than a rooster tail’s body. These rooster tails for bass hence drawing a higher amount of attention. This pattern is super effective when it comes to catching smallmouth bass especially if you are an early riser and love to go fishing in the morning. It has a solid gold design that naturally reflects in the sun. The unique brass body of Panther Martin and direct through the shaft design develops an exclusively effective lure. Moreover, the convex/concave blades send out sonic vibrations that are irresistible to fish. The hooks on the bait are super sharp, ensuring that the fish does not escape. Lastly, the lure is made using solid brass which means it will last a long time. One of our all-time best sellers.  It is a great rooster tail that does not have a very high price.


  • Colors: Gold, Black and Red
  • Brand: Panther Martin
  • Size: ¼ oz
  • Weight: 0.02 Pounds
  • Shape: Bullet shape
  • Dimensions: ‎ 5 x 1.7 x 0.2 inches
  • Material: Brass

8. Panther Martin Holograph Trout

The Holograph Trout edition of Panther Martin’s Rooster Tails is the finest variety of this product. This company has upgraded the shaft of the spinner. As a result, it creates a super-fast spinning action and is reputed for the fastest rooster tail in the world. Panther Martin develops rooster tail fishing lures that come with a unique blade and also give out sonic vibrations. This makes it an effective bait because it adds a second method for the bass to notice the lure. You can opt from a variety of effective colours but the best ones are considered to be spotted blue, copper dots, silver, and chartreuse. The lure has a heavily weighted body cast such as bullets which makes it go deeper. It also has super sharp premium quality hooks that do not let the fish escape from the hooks easily. This is a lower-impact version and is considered one of the most effective lures ever created. The price of these baits ranges from $3.79 – $13.72 and it is easily accessible at Amazon.


  • Dimensions: ‎ 5 x 1.9 x 0.5 inches;
  • Weight: 0.35 Ounces
  • Comes with: Sonic Vibrations
  • Perfect for: Great for areas where treble hooks are not allowed
  • Feature: strong treble

How to fish a Rooster Tail for bass?

Have you never gone fishing for a rooster tail before? If yes, then you must know one imperative tip prior to proceeding onto the topic “how to fish for a Rooster Tail for bass.” When you plan to go rooster tail fishing, you must place the bait where fish are situated. For instance, when the fish is present near the surface, you should cast the lure and retrieve it at the top of the water. However, if the fish are located at the bottom, then you will need a heavier bait as it will easily reach deeper columns. 

When targeting bass, rooster tails are super easy to use. For this reason, you will not have to overthink the technique you will be using. Let’s look at a couple of tips that will facilitate you to effectively fish this lure while catching more bass compared with other lures. 

Fish around the cover:

Generally, the bass is known for sticking around covers such as downed trees, overhanging brush, and dock pilings. Even though rooster tails are not anti-weed bait, but you can easily fish with this lure along the weed edge and around thick cover. You can cast this lure to the edge of where bass resides.

Cast beyond the target:

You must remember that a spinner blade takes time to start spinning. As a result, you will have to cast past your target. It will make it easier for you to spin properly when it reaches the location and will not scare the fish as it lands.

Retrieve gradually:

Roostertail lures are ideal for water that has current such as streams. Nevertheless, anglers can get the blade to spin amazingly in static waters as well. It is recommended to retrieve the reel at a slow speed so that the blade keeps spinning. If the fish does not respond, then you can increase your speed.

Jig the bait vertically around the cover:

When you jig the rooster tail vertically, it draws the attention of the bass and they become attracted to bite. For this reason, it is considered an effective method. Anglers tend to catch a higher number of bass from piles of underwater branches and amidst thick blankets of lily pads using this jigging technique. One method that makes bass crazy is when anglers place the baits naturally and lift them quickly. 

Twitch the tip of the rod to give it action:

In the majority of the cases, a steady retrieve is not likely to work. Most time steady retrieve doesn’t work. If bass fishing with a rooster tail does not work, then you can change the retrieve by including an occasional twitch or jerking action to the tip of your rod. 

To Wrap It Up!

Rooster tails were introduced a long time ago for anglers who love to go bass fishing. These lures will take you back to your childhood and will alleviate you from experiencing the strain of modern and advanced baits. With these, you can also be stress-free regarding the reels and the line setups. These lures are perfect if you want stress and hassle-free fishing day. It is very easy to use – just tie it on, let it loose and wait for the bass to bite on it.

Rooster tails for bass can work in all types of conditions and is super productive when it comes to catching bass. This article discusses the best rooster tails for bass. All the details mentioned will help anglers to pick the right one for an amazing day at the lake. Try on this classic, fun, and simple fishing bait slip away. Catch bass with the perfect rooster tail baits!


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