8 Best Saltwater Fishing Rods for Beginners in 2023

Best Saltwater Fishing Rods for Beginners

Purchasing a new spinning rod for beginners can be a tough choice given the huge variety accessible in the market. You will find price, features, and combinations that will make a pleasurable fishing experience into an overwhelming situation. Finding the best saltwater fishing rods can be difficult especially if you are not acquainted with the angling world. For this reason, we have crafted all the information in one article for you to easily navigate your way through this decision. Below we will review the eight best offshore spinning rods in the market.

Saltwater fishing denotes several fishing techniques that are utilized in the ocean. It is also imperative to understand that freshwater fishing and casting have huge differences. When fishing in saltwater, you need to realize that there are no tricks or shortcuts.

Determining the best saltwater fishing rods is not easy given that the term “best” is subjective to different fishing conditions. For this article, we will be discussing saltwater fishing ranging from offshore to beach fishing. Moreover, the article focuses on the best saltwater fishing rods for beginners on the market. All the brands and their rods guarantee that the equipment will facilitate you to catch more fish. 

When you want to excel at surf fishing or saltwater fishing, it is crucial to opt for a rod that is specifically designed to meet the purpose. If you are clueless about the best saltwater spinning rods that money can buy, then we can help you. 

Naturally, a rod offering premium quality will be slightly higher in price and will cost you money. However, it is imperative that the price matches the expectations and can fulfil the purpose.

Saltwater spinning rods are accessible in various styles and sizes. In addition, you would require a bigger rod when looking to catch giant fish. Whether you are targeting marlin, tuna, or tarpan; the type of rod will be quite different. Another component to consider in deciding the kind of spinning reel to place on the rod. You must ensure that the rod and the reel are balanced perfectly.

Differences amongst Fresh and Saltwater Spinning Rod

In comparison with freshwater, saltwater fishing acquired a bigger area than fresh locations. Moreover, saltwater is generally corrosive when contrasted with fresh water. For this reason, you must opt for the best inshore spinning rod that must be covered in parts that are resistant to corrosion. 

Wondering whether a spinning rod is better or a casting rod? 

Well, this is an age-old discussion amongst the anglers. Most spinning rods are perfect for beginners owing to their easy mechanism. Experts on the other hand prefer bait casting rods because they exude impressive and impeccable performance. It is especially adored by professionals who wish to aim at longer distances.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Saltwater Spinning Rods For Beginners


One of the most crucial aspects to consider when opting for a saltwater spinning rod is its material. There are several common ones: 

  • Fiberglass – This material has the capability to handle Windy seas and abuse on boats. It is a trusted material for spinning rods all over the world. It’s strength, durability, and flexibility is the reason for its popularity. 
  • Graphite – This material is generally utilized for smaller diameters and is popular when lighter blanks are required. 
  • New-Generation Composite – This is a new unique formulation, which combines fiberglass and graphite. It generates spinning rods with light weight. Toughness and sturdiness are two terms that define this new generation composite. 


To ensure accurate casting, you will require extra-fast action rods. It delivers higher power and speed that will pitch a lure. For this reason, it is imperative to opt for the right one. 

Corrosion Resistant Parts

It is vital to remember that saltwater can do so much to create damage to these materials. You must check whether or not the guides and locks on the rod can fully resist corrosion. Moreover, you will have to notice if it can hold for a long period against the salty water. It is vital given that rods can break if they are unable to handle saltwater.

Accurate Rod Action

When it comes to casting, you will need to find the action that best suits your requirement. 

Premium Quality Cork Grip

Ensure that the rod you select comes with a premium quality cork because it will determine whether or not you will get a grip that is comfortable. It is the most important of all the factors because this is where you will grip it from and can fatigue your hand.

Our Top Pick: 8 Best Saltwater Spinning Rods for Beginners In 2022

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Okuma Celilo Ultralight Review


The Okuma Celilo Ultralight spinning rod is attractive but lies within a reasonable price range. This model from the brand offers outstanding reel support and a perfect balance; making it the demolishing rod available on Amazon.


The best saltwater spinning rod is constructed with graphite and is hollow from inside. Owing to the utilization of graphite, this fishing rod delivers additional balance while ensuring a reduction in the weight of the rod. The reel seats of this rod have a standard pipe using stainless steel hoods. As a result, the handle is strong and the cork grips are smoother. The short height and well-built construction deliver great overall results.


The Okuma Celilo Ultralight has some of the best features that a spinning rod must-have. Anglers generally pay attention to the body of this rod.

This Graphite Ultra-Light Trout rod is designed to provide essential balance. Another impressive feature is the casting support. Even though casting is based on the fishing reel, the rod will also offer extra support.

It is not only excellent for casting, but it also provides the crucial strength required to exert during dragging force.

One of the most imperative elements of the spinning rod that makes it stand out is its grip. The Okuma spinning rod comes with a rubber cork grip, which has a suitable length for facilitating deeper drags during exertion. Moreover, the rubber grip is covered using synthetic lamination. Owing to this feature, the stick does not get exposed.

In this Graphite Ultra-Light Rod, anglers will get a short yet perfect height of 4 and a half feet.

  • Graphite body makes it a highly durable rod.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Stainless steel hook offering excellent support
  • Great functionality
  • The grip is known to be slippery because of the rubber and has synthetic lamination
  • The fishing rod is short in length,making it tough to cast long distances

Why should you buy it?

There are a number of reasons why the Okuma Celilo rod is ranked as the top eight spinning rods. For starters, the brand has nailed the actions. This rod is engineered to offer extreme sensitivity, which implies that you will feel even a little nibble. Fighting the medium-sized fish will be pleasurable. Users will benefit from guides, a hook, and the hoods of the fishing rod. These components bring ease to the fishing experience irrespective of age or skill and act as the best saltwater fishing rods for beginners. The three elements combined with the ease of reel enhance the durability of the spinning rod. You can easily find affiliate marketers endorsing this spinning rod because of the quality and perfect water experience that it offers.

Cadence Fishing Rods CR5


The CR5- 30 Spinning Rod incorporates experience, years of expertise, and the latest technology. It is a lightweight and smooth product, which offers utmost practicality. Anglers do not have to worry about searching for a rod that is perfect and fits all the requirements. This versatile fishing rod works amazingly in all kinds of environments and can catch different kinds of fish. The best saltwater fishing rods can fit the rod easily in the car, trunk, or boat hatch. Cadence understands that fishing is a fun sport that should not be ruined, which is why it integrates advanced features. Purchase this rod from Amazon to get a good value for money.


In terms of construction, this rod brings high-quality materials into use. It utilizes a premium30 ton carbon fibre graphite blank. The spinning rod’s material offers sensitivity and strength minus excessive weight. It also has an excellent cork and Eva grip. 


Some of the most visible features that will excite you to purchase the Cadence include a strong and high-quality build. Dissimilar to other spinning rods, this model utilizes materials that will offer unmatched superiority. Moreover, there is a huge variety of power, lengths, and actions to opt from. It is an ideal rod for a wide range of applications such as inshore species such as redfish and even for freshwater fish like bass or trout. With all these interesting features, you will find it easy to use

  • The cadence fishing rod is affordable
  • It has stainless steel frame with SIC guides
  • Equipped with an adjustable reel seat
  • Made with high-quality 30-ton graphite
  • Easy to use and comfortable design
  • Delivers superior performance
  • Features top-grade handles
  • Ideal for game fish
  • Comes in a variety of actions, lengths and power
  • Offers excellent flexibility through varying lengths and actions
  • Narrow diameter of the handles – not good for prolonged usage
  • Not a friendly rod for beginners

Why should you buy it?

Cadence finishing poles are known for their premium quality performance and come with impeccable features. It offers great value for money. All variants of CR5 fishing rods are made using a 30-ton graphite blank. As a result, the rod is highly sensitive, durable, and lightweight. People love to purchase this because of its stainless steel guides and SIC inserts. You will find the rod to be smooth, the line will not stick and there will be a reduction in friction. This model is special amongst other Cadence spinning rods owing to the premium materials. Moreover, the best inshore spinning rod has two different configurations when it comes to handles. You can find carbon split grip and full grip. 


Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod


Shakespeare is known for crafting rods to die for with their attractive design and strong build. In comparison with Tiger Elite, the Ugly Stik GX2 is reasonably priced and you will not regret spending the money. You will get a wide variety of length, action, and power combinations. Consequently, allowing you to opt for a fishing rod that caters to your specific requirement. Ugly Stik is known for its strength and durability and this model delivers perfection. It has a line rating of 8-20.


The GX2 is excellent from a construction point of view. It comes with a reel, which is a valuable feature for newbies or seasonal anglers. The composition of the core provides the best features of two worlds; fibreglass enhances the durability of the rod while graphite keeps it flexible. Moreover, the material utilized makes it abuse proof. This rod has a lower graphite proportion in comparison to the Elite Tiger.

The rod features a single-footed stainless steel line guide. Furthermore, the rod comes with a clear tip, which upsurges rod sensitivity. Irrespective of the version you choose, EVA foam grips will come with it.  The handles are fairly comfortable, and above that, it averts the classic, stiff fingers after a long battle. 


Ugly Stik GX2 comes at a price that is reasonable but does not compromise on the features it offers. There are several variants that you can opt from including one or two-piece rods. In addition, the rod can be purchased in diverse lengths such as 4’8’’,6’, 6’6’’, and 7’.

  • Great rod and reel combo.
  • Superb quality for the price.
  • Wide variety of power, action, length, and portability combinations.
  • Durable, strong, and sensitive.
  • Don’t expect too much from the reel.
  • Heavier than the Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Spinning Rod.
  • Action is not fast enough

Why should you buy it?

People prefer this GX2 rod because it is strong and has a balanced construction using fibreglass and graphite. This construction combination makes it distinctive. It has a lightweight design and an outlook that seems modern. Ugly Stik GX2 spinning rod has a unique feature that it comes in two-piece construction. Anglers also love this rod because of its EVA material. This new grip feels amazing in your hands and does not lead to inflammation or discomfort of the hand. The fishing gear is super durable and has a logo at the end of the rod making it easy to identify the rod from the rest of your gear.


St Croix Triumph Spinning Rods


If you are searching for a durable spinning rod that has versatile functionality and can catch the toughest or largest fish, then St. Croix Triumph is the answer to your prayers. It is made with graphite and a carbon wrap ensuring that it is suitable for all fishing conditions. The rod is super portable and is the right one for travelling. You can purchase this St Croix spinning rod from Amazon links.


St. Croix’s Triumph fishing rods are constructed using SCII graphite. Even though this material might not be very durable in comparison with fibreglass poles and carbon fibre, They win the vote with better handling and weight factors. In terms of construction, the Triumph spinning rods come in a variety of sizes and actions. The smallest rods are 5ft and 5.6ft.

Moreover, there are also medium and fast action line versions. The saltwater rods come in one-piece designs. Every spinning rod has a high-quality cork handle for fresh and saltwater applications. The line weight of rods from this brand accommodates 2- to 17-lb. lines.


The best feature of the St. Croix Triumph spinning rod is that it is super light and super easy to carry. It offers optimum sensitivity, accuracy, and strength. These attributes ensure that the rod will be able to put up a fight with even bigger fish. If you happen to have the appropriate weight of the lure, then casting long distances won’t be an issue.

Power is another imperative feature when opting for a spinning rod. You would love to utilize the St. Croix rod when you go pike fishing. The medium-action casting rod can bend to a C shape, giving you more control. St. Croix triumph also has great hook power.

  • Durable, versatile and great construction
  • Hook setting power and fantastic sensitivity
  • Four-piece travel rod, ease of assembling and convenient to carry around
  • Great value for your money
  • Accurate casting
  • Impressive tip action
  • Finely Tuned Actions.
  • Reel seat locks with ease
  • Ultra-lite version is flexible – can be a challenge to set the hook when you get line out
  • Heavy weight design
  • Better for small creeks and ponds
  • Only comes with a soft carry case

Why should you buy it?

If you wish to purchase the St. Croix Triumph spinning rods, then Amazon Affiliate links are a great option. These rods range from 5-7.6ft and act as an excellent option for beginners. The best saltwater spinning rod is ultra-light and comes with versatile handles. These rods offer the best value for money. St. Croix has a flawless R&D department, which is why they invest in the latest manufacturing techniques and composite materials. It is a remarkable option for anglers who have perfect high performance but within a reasonable price tag.


Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod


One of the best spinning rods from Shakespeare is the Ugly Stik Elite. It is a rod that every angler loves. It has more than 17 different variants and comes within $100. In terms of power, action, and length, this is the best rod to operate. This series brings a broad range of choices making it easy for you to opt for a rod that is ideal. It is titled the fun rod and will make your fishing expeditions enjoyable. The Elite Spinning Rod is all about effectiveness, performance, and durability.


The Ugly Stik Elite rod is constructed with 35 percent graphite leading to a rod that is not heavy. You will be able to experience the legendary toughness that is desired by many anglers. Cork handles are also placed with perfection and offer a firm hook set.

Moreover, it has one-piece stainless steel guides that lessen insert pop-outs for easy usage. The Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod guarantees professional performance at a reasonable price and is considered the best offshore spinning rod.


With a variety of lengths, the Ugly Stik Elite Range is ultra-light to medium-heavy. They differ in construction and come in 1 or 2 piece designs. For maximum control, you will get access to a premium cork handle. It features a fibreglass clear tip that is tremendously durable and extraordinarily sensitive. The spinning rod is flexible enough to snag big fish and is a crowd-pleaser.

  • Strong and sturdy thanks to the combination of fiberglass and graphite
  • Very durable
  • Offers a comfortable cork grip handle
  • It is lighter yet more sensitive
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty
  • More expensive than other models
  • The line guide may become problematic after some time
  • Slightly on the heavier side
  • Fishing line can be destroyed

Why should you buy this product?

Looking to purchase UglyStik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod, then log onto your Amazon and take advantage. People must choose this rod because of its higher strength and sensitivity levels.

Moreover, you will experience uncompromising performance. The line also provides ideal versatility. This spinning rod has a clear tip design allowing the angler to notice even the slightest of nibbles.


St Croix Premier Spinning Rod


Want a winner when it comes to performance and value? Purchase the St Croix Premier Spinning Rod. It is a black pearl rod that looks remarkable and offers value for money.


The St Croix Premier Spinning Rod is 6 ft. long and is constructed for both the novice and expert angler. It is best matched with fast action and is beautifully balanced. This rod is designed with SCII graphite blanks and top-grade mechanisms. The best saltwater fishing rods have SCII blank which gives maximum sensitivity and power.


There are six major features of the St Croix Premier rod. The rod is incredibly lightweight but does not break easily. With SCII Graphite, you will be able to experience enhanced sensitivity.  The guides of this rod are made using special aluminium-oxide material. Not only are they strong but also reduce friction. It is a perfectly tuned rod, so you will not have to make any adjustments. The product is handmade and offers impressive comfort.

Lastly, the cork handle on the rod is a masterpiece and can be utilized in all sorts of weather.

  • Offers an exceptional quality
  • Available in different sizes and with different tensions
  • The handle is comfortable and durable
  • Each unit is handmade and pre-adjusted at the factory
  • Excellent value for money
  • Guides are state of the art
  • Slightly expensive
  • May be too sensitive for beginners

Why should you buy it?

You would love to use this spinning rod because it has a durable Batson aluminium-oxide guide. In addition, it offers performance in rugged situations. The Fuji TCS reel seats guarantee a lightweight design that will permit a comfortable experience. You will enjoy a pleasurable grip and high leverage to fight off fish.


Cadence Cr7 Spinning Rod


A perfect cool saltwater rod, the Cadence CR7 Spinning rod comes in 2 diverse handle configurations; full grip and carbon split grip. The Cadence spinning rod will surpass your hopes in quality, features, and design attributes.


The Cadence CR7 is made using 40-ton graphite and features stainless steel guides. Moreover, the rod hasSiC inserts, premium-grade cork and EVA handles. It features stainless steel guides and SiC inserts. The high-grade cork and Fuji reel seat of this rod put the last touches on the entire package. It is a great spinning rod because Cadence can also catch game fish, trout or bass, etc.


Cadence spinning rod delivers high-performance features at an invincible price. It has durable stainless steel frames, a Fuji reel seat, and a blank wrapped in carbon veil to augment the toughness.

  • Premium-grade construction
  • Durable
  • Available in multiple configurations, actions, and lengths
  • High-quality design
  • High-performance
  • It is 1-year warranty
  • Reasonably priced
  • Extremely sensitive.
  • Reel nut tends to break
  • Drag isn’t very tight

Why should you buy it?

The rod is preferred by many because it comes with a 1-year warranty and an active customer service agent willing to respond to your consumer. It is designed in a way that delivers a premium rod at a significant value than the competition.


Tica HLHB Salmon Steelhead Spinning Fishing Rod


If you are searching for the best spinning rod for the money to catch salmon, then the Tica HLHB Salmon Steelhead Fishing Rod is the right one for you! This particular model comes with FUJI Hardloy ring guides and a durable cork handle. Another constituent that augments the usability of the powerful blank is the usage of the state-of-the-art TICA graphite APS reel seat. The new design of the reel seat is exceptionally convenient and it facilitates the angler to fix the reel in a position they require.

Check out the different Amazon Affiliate Links to find out more information.


The TICA HLHB is another great salmon fishing rod. It’s constructed using high modulus TC2 graphite material. Thus, the spinning rod is light in weight and has a sensitive blank with ideal action and strength. The TICA graphite APS reel seat and premium quality graphite trigger for casting and spinning models, make it the best one in the market.

Moreover, it offers a soft cork handle rod, giving you awesome handling even if the rod or your hands are wet.


The Tica HLHB Salmon Steelhead Fishing Rod is the perfect one for your next fishing trip. Its impeccable features ensure that you do not feel any arm fatigue even after hours of fishing. The spinning rod comes with FUJI Hardloy ring guides that allow for a more smooth and accurate cast. It features a sensitive blank with action and strength. As a result, these rods come in a lightweight design while being strong and sensitive.

  • Sensitive, yet sturdy construction
  • Lightweight
  • Various option available
  • Durable
  • Great price
  • Super smooth and fast casting.
  • It has high toughness for fighting salmon
  • A bit stiff.
  • Guides are not that good.
  • Have to purchase the hook keeper separately
  • Fuji Hardloy guides tend to rust after some usage

Why should you buy it?

Tica, a Taiwanese company, is loved by many anglers because they offer functional fishing equipment at a price that will not break your bank. These fishing rods are impact-resistant, which guarantees that sudden bites from fish do not break the rod in half. Another reason for loving the spinning rod is its lightweight. The Fuji Hardloy also decreases the line resistance, giving the rod additional strength. These guides keep the line flat, ensuring an immaculate line flow. Furthermore, the rod is constructed with an APS graphite trigger seat which gives a wobble-free performance.

Final Verdict

Now that we have looked at the best saltwater fishing rods for beginners, it is time to come to a decision. So which saltwater spinning rod should one purchase? The short answer is, “It depends.” If you are looking to buy a spinning rod, then you will have to consider the type of fishing you wish to indulge in and the kind of fish you want to catch. With these considerations in mind, you can determine the weight, length, and proper action that matches your specific requirements.

This guide shows how diverse fishing rods are constructed for different types of spinning and casting rods. Hence, the decision is dependent on your personal preferences and your specific requirement.

Using the information mentioned above, you can opt for your needs. Out of the eight top spinning rods for the money, the most impressive one is St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod. It is highly sensitive, which implies a smooth experience on the water.