How Much Does It Cost To Mount A Fish?

You will be bushed to hear how much does it costs to mount a fish? Mounting a fish is always an exciting endeavour for an angler because it has many amazing things involved in it. If you are new to fish mounting, then there are many different things that you are going to learn in this recondite article. 

Firstly, the price of the fish skin is not only estimated by a taxidermist but, it varies according to the fish species. All fish species have different rates when it comes to taxidermy and more importantly, it is calculated by a per inch rate. After this short analysis.

How Many Methods That People Use For Mounting A fish?

Usually, there are two manifest ways of mounting a fish. The first method of mounting a fish is taxidermy and the second method is the replica. Both these methods are excessively used all across the world for mounting.

These two methods of mounting a fish are the most successful amongst anglers and seasoned professionals. However, these methods have different procedures and these procedures have their prices set apart from each other which makes fishing mounting more exciting and tantalizing endeavours for the fanatics.

So if you are willing to do fish mounting then this knowledge about mounting is essential for you and more importantly it will help you out while making your final decision before planning for fish mounting. 

What Price Should You Expect Before Visiting The Taxidermy Shop?

According to some case studies that have been done on mounting it has been revealed that different fish species have different rates when you send them to a replica fish taxidermy.

This general estimation has been picked by visiting 11 different taxidermy shops and the rates provided by expert taxidermists. Some famous varieties of fishes which include Walleye, Pike, and Bass will cost you around about 11$ to 15$ per inch in taxidermy. 

However, other species like the famous trout will be costing around 14$ to 18$. One of the most renowned varieties is the favourite salmon will also cost you the same price of 14$ to 18$ while you set it up for the taxidermy. 

These taxidermy rates are globally known and they can be justified from any other reputable taxidermy shop. The next fishes on our list are Striped Bass, Tarpon, and of course the pernickety Snook. 

These varieties of fishes will cost you around 15$ to 20$ and this is the reason why they are placed at the end of the list. Last but, not least the exorbitant Billfish is also high amongst the other petty competitors as it does cost you around 15$ to 20$.

Other than that taxidermy rates the replica mounting for the species have the same rates which are around 10$ to 16$. For this specific reason, many people cravenly prefer replica mounting when it comes to prices.

You can also justify the price for the fish mounting at other shops but, these prices are given by some well-reputed taxidermy shops. However, some people find it hard to agree upon the rates that are given by most expert taxidermy shops.

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Are There Differences In Replica Fish Mount Prices?

Fish mounting has different rates that vary according to the fish taxidermy. These rates are not fixed but, they can be varied according to the varieties and the shops. 

Recently, expert analysis on mounting has been acquired in which there have been different fish mounting prices revealed some of them are charging high prices and some taxidermists are charging low prices.

However, there are no particular credentials for charging high or low prices this may vary according to the fish species and sometimes on the will of taxidermists.

The Pricing Difference Depends On The Fish Type

There is a huge uproar about skin mounting prices and their difference amongst the expert taxidermists. Usually, taxidermists rate the prices of skin mounting according to species. However, the prices do also depend on the types of taxidermists who have classified fish into three major categories. these categories are cold water, saltwater, and warm water.

According to taxidermists cold water and saltwater are more costly to mount than warm water fish. Warm water fish include nearly all game except the salmonid which includes trout salmon and char because according to the skin mounting experts these primarily belong to the cold water.

The primary reason behind the high skin mounting of cold water and saltwater fishes is their oily skin. Due to their oily skin, it is very time taking for the taxidermists to mount their skin and manifestly, it takes a lot of time in the drying process which is the reason why saltwater and cold water fishes are more costly when it comes to mounting their skin.

Replica Fish Mount vs Real Which One Is More Appreciable?

Usually, it all depends on you which skin mounting method suits you, or in other words, we should say that which methods do you like?. Generally, it depends on the type of fish that you are mounting. However, there are some other reasons for which people prefer to choose one mounting method over the other. 

According to expert taxidermists, How Much Does It Cost To Mount A Fish the skin mounting method involves the removal of the skin thoroughly. This method also involves the decapitation of her head and tail. 

After decapitation of her head and tail and the removal of skin, it is wrapped around a foam mould that is similar to the size of the fish. Most people like this method because in this method they can get the original physical part of the fish which also includes the rammed version. 

However, the replica method has unique features that most anglers would love to die for. The replica method relies on building the copy of that fish which is very enthusiastic for many anglers that have a keen interest in mounting the skin.

The replica method simply implies to you provide abstruse knowledge about the size of your fish which makes it easier for them to create a copycat of your given fish.


There are several factors that you should consider for a successful mount of a fish after reading How Much Does It Cost To Mount A Fish. These factors such as choosing the right and expert taxidermist, selecting the best price shop, identifying which species are best for the season, and most importantly which mounting method that you would like to go with. 

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