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Do you like fishing? If you do, then you must know what a wacky rig is. It is a technique to catch fish, and hey, your angler! You must know this because it is an effective rig out of all. 

We have crafted a blog post to tell you all about a wacky rig, so sit back and plan your weekend fishing trip because a lot is to be unleashed in this blog about how to fish a wacky rig. You are going to explore what is a wacky rig, when and how to use it to fish a wacky rig. So, let’s begin!

What is a Wacky Rig?

The question for all fishing newbies out there is what actually is a wacky rig? In simpler words, it is a bomb bass fishing rig. Basically, it is used to catch fish in a rather unusual situation, using a fake plastic worm and a small hook that creates ripples in the water, making it look like a natural movement. Reading this might put into thinking that ‘oh well, that’s a piece of cake!’, but it really isn’t because there are a lot of techniques involved. Some anglers do attach an O-ring to help worm hanging in it for longer, while also increasing the ratio of hook up for you to fill a basket with fish

The Best Wacky Rig Setup

Let us tell you that one of the best things about setting this wacky rig up is that the required gear is simple and pocket-friendly as well, so if you are worrying over the fact that whether you would any special tools or equipment to set it up, do not! And keep reading to know what tackle and gear you require to set up this wacky rig.

Rod & Reel

Since the rig is comparatively lighter, it is easier to attach it to a spinning rod. But, if you want to go for a bait caster, you might as well do that. The ideal dimension to set up a rod and reel is between 6 feet by 6 inches and 7 feet either medium or fast spinning rod to go with 6-10 fluorocarbon line.

We are dropping down our go-to combination for the setup of a wacky rig:

  • Rod: 7’0” Dobyn
  • Reel: Lew’s Mach 2 Spinning Reel
  • Line: Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon Line (6-10lb)

Finesse Hook

A finesse hook is one of the essential parts of the wacky rig. What you will need is a hook with relatively lighter wire; however, lighter means that it is sufficiently powerful to remain firm and won’t bend over.

There are multiple hook companies that manufacture exclusive hooks for the wacky rig to go with this technique. Our favorite you ask, a Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap in #1, 1/0, 2/0 is definitely our go-to purchase.

Though it is our most-used hook while catching the fish with a wacky rig. There are quite a few others that we use – whatever the situation calls. For instance, we would go for a wacky jig rig when we want to a tad bit deeper. What’s the difference? It lets you have a shortfall rate, enabling you to dig a bit deeper to get that hiding bass. Also, when we would prefer to go for a rig hook featuring a weed guard when there is another structure type.

The best hooks for a wacky rig on our list include:

  • Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap
  • Gamakatsu Split Shot/Drop Shot
  • Gamakatsu Finesse Wacky Jig Head
  • Owner 5172 Weedless

Plastic Bait or Worm

Another essential part of the rig is the bait that is soft and made of plastic. To be honest, how you successfully catch a fish somehow depends on the extent to which the bait is accurate with the right size and color.

We would always recommend going for the Yamamoto Senko because it is the most effective amongst all rig baits. Do you wonder why it is our favorite? Its specialty lies in its ability to catch that irresistible bass by the way it falls in the water.

Though it is amongst the popular ones, the other alternatives on the market offer great baits to have the best wacky rig setup. Let’s dig deeper into our other favorites.

The best hooks for a wacky rig on our list include:

  • Yamamoto Senko
  • Yum Dinger
  • Strike King Rage Craw
  • Zoom Finesse Worm
  • Zoom Trick Worm
  • Zoom Super Fluke

One thing to note, however, is that color serves to be the most important success when learning how to fish a wacky rig. Basically, in simpler terms, it determines the number of fish you put in the basked at day end. So, here is the advice- always choose wacky rig bait color, do note the ongoing situations.

O-rings & Wacky Rig Tool

Let’s first know what actually is an O-ring – it is a small tackle piece that does not cost a fortune and you will end up saving a whole lot of bucks. Yes, you are good to go even without it, but if you want to have a good hook-up ratio, do not wait – just buy it for your own good.

In order to set it up on a plastic bait, you will need a tool exclusively designed to do the task. Placing it in the center will require you to position the soft plastic in the tool and slide it a couple of rings over the top.

Also, do note that if you frequently fish a wacky rig, the best choice is to go for the O-ring because it will keep the baits good for longer than too at a consumer-friendly price.

Rigging a Wacky Rig

It is pretty simple – there are a few considerations to make and you are good to go. Below, we have outlined the best wacky rig setup procedure.

The first step is to get together the Senko, tool and the rig hook followed by sliding the bait into a rigging tool.

Now, you have to place the ring on the bat, and finally, you just have to rig the hook under the rig, and VOILA! We did it!

How to Fish a Wacky Rig

The way the wacky rig falls is the ultimate success determinant because that is how you catch a large number of fish. And if you are able to hover the wacky rig to catch fish right in front of it, they won’t resist. Now, this is what it is about – how to actually fish a wacky rig.

The very first step is to make your target, allow the rigged bait to fall off on the slackline, and watch out for any jerks. If there is a twitch, get all set to prepare the rig hook and allow the bait to fall down. Later, lift the bait back up using the rod, pulling it and allowing t fall down again. Repeat the step until there is a jerk because that is when you set up the hook to get your hands on that fresh bass.

When Using a Wacky Rig is Ideal

The question arises that when it is ideal to opt for a wacky rig and to be honest, it is good enough to have it for fishing 365 days a year. Though you are all good to use it anytime, of course, there are times when it works the best.

When do we prefer it? When the condition is quite tough and structures are different, like grass lines.

Another important factor that influences its best application is the extent to which the water is clear because water clarity is the best condition; however, it also goes when the matter is muddy, but a no-no when the water is extremely muddy.

And another thing to note is that it works the best in shallow water with fish.

Our ideal situations to fish a wacky rig? Spring and fall with water clarity and fish up shallow in the water.

Where to Fish a Wacky Rig

As we already discussed, it is best when it is used for up shallow fish because since it has a slower rate of fall, it doesn’t make it the best when trying to catch fish in deep waters. To be honest, there is no such thing as a bad place to use a wacky rig, but obviously, there are some of the best, like overhanging trees and up shallow.

If you really want to use a wacky rig in deep waters, you may attach a jig head to have the bait sink in the water quicker because the additional weight tends to give more quiver.

Some Tips to Fish a Wacky Rig

Fishing a wacky rig is just like our hobby that we tend to every weekend; hence, we have learned some tips and tricks related to the entire activity because small consideration ends up in big differences.

The first tip is the art of hook placement. How to begin? Just rig the hook in the bait’s center, with adjustments to the hook in various positions to trick the bass. Secondly, as we mentioned, it is a slow finesse procedure to catch a fish; thus, it works ideally when you really know there are some good fish in the water; hence, using either a spinner or crankbait to know where the fish is at. And, we have also talked about color; always match colors with fishing conditions to catch the largest number of fish. Lastly, go for a Neko rig to catch bass in deep waters – just add a nail weight and you are good to go.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping this amazing guide up, we can just tell how to fish a wacky rig only when you are up for a ton of fish in the basket. Happy Fishing!

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