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Is Fishing Really Catching Fishes?

What’s fishing to You? To me, it’s creating fun and beautiful experiences with your loved ones. Experiences that last, that you can think of later and laugh and remember doing it. Experiences of creating wholesome memories with your family, friends, partners: going childish; water splashes on the boats; pushing them in water; taking photos; enjoying the victorious moment when you finally catch one after hours; or going home with nothing but a lot of photos to look at when you retire. That’s what fishing is for me.

What is it to you? If you can resonate with me, welcome to the community.

Because now you’re part of the family, how can we let you stranded alone? Whether you’re a total noob, a pro, or somewhere between, we’ve insights for everyone to make their fishing journey memorable.

Could Learning Fishing Get Any More Fun?

Discover the fun and detailed fishing guides and insights that no one talks about on the Internet.

I saw that there’s little to know insight on the Internet that will help you become a fishing pro. Even if something there’s on the Internet, it’s either old-school and outdated, or demands a lot of dollars, or so poorly conveyed that it loses all the passion and fun.

That makes it so hard for wanna-be fishing champs like you. And I know what you want because I’ve been there. I wasn’t born with these fishing skills and passion. I’ve learned the hard way: Spent years on trying, asking from this person to that person, following this blog to that blog, reading poorly conveyed ‘expert’ opinions on different forums. Hundreds of “do’s and don’ts” that make you befuddled and kill all the fun of learning.

However, my roller coaster fishing journey has taught me so many secrets that I’m dying to talk about. Why? Because no one else is doing any better.

So, discover everything about fishing; detailed fun guides on the equipment to choose, on baiting, on boating, and even on what seasons and waters are the best for fishing. Everything is simple and fun only for you because you’re now part of the community.

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