How To Put a Weight On a Fishing Line?

How To Put a Weight On a Fishing Line
How To Put a Weight On a Fishing Line

Are you a fishing newbie? Do you wonder how to actually put weight on a fishing line? Well, if you are a fishing enthusiast, you should know how to put a weight on a fishing line and what it is actually for. And to be honest, if it is something really new to your knowledge, you might be a little confused.

However, don’t you worry because we have crafted a thorough guide to let you know everything you should about sinkers and their effective usage while fishing, and only then, you will know that it is no rocket science rather a piece of cake to handle? that’s why people ask how to put weight on fishing line.

Do You Know About Fishing Weight?

As simple as that, weights on fishing line, sometimes called sinkers, are weights that are attached to the fishing pole, specifically fluorocarbon one, so that the line has sufficient momentum to cover distance while casting. Moreover, it is also important to make sure that the hook and bait both go down as per your needed depth rather than float on the water where there is slight to no probability of catching fish.

Fishing folks, you all know that bigger fishes swim deep in the water therefore, the bait is required to go down deep where these fish normally are. Here, weights on fishing line play an important role in keeping the bait on a specific point on the fishing line and enable controlling the movement of the bait in the water so that it appears as a natural phenomenon to the targeted fish. 

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Is There Really A Need For Fishing Weights On A Fishing Line?

Whether a fishing weight is required or not more or less depends on the type of fish you intend to catch and the type of fishing bait you will use to get outcomes. If you intend to catch a fish that swims in deep waters; however, if you have the bait that is comparatively lighter in weight like a rubber worm, there should be adequate weight to make sure that the fishing line sinks in deep water.

On the other hand, if you are intending for a fish that specifically requires particular bait, there should be a weight, as we discussed, that controls the movement of the bait in a realistic manner. In the case of a plastic tilapia, it is extremely light; hence, the weight wouldn’t be uniform and have constant movement, which would ultimately lower down the chances of catching any fish.

Here Is The Guide: how to put a weight on a fishing line?

In order to tie a weight on a fishing pole, you would require equipment to get this completed. For instance, a fishing pole along with needle nose pliers and finally weights for fishing line. In addition to that, you would also require a best fishing line and robust bands. Apart from that, there should be a pair of scissors to put a full stop to the entire process. Once you have everything ready and in place, you are good to go to tie it to the fishing line.

In this part of the blog post “How To Put Weight On Fishing Line?“, we have outlined steps to help you out on the task. Let’s begin!

Step-To-Step Guide For Split Shot

Step 1: The first step requires you to position the fishing line into the split shot groove that is angled on its side. To make sure that you get to have the right adjustments later, do not forget to position the sinker on the accurate point on the fishing line.

Step 2: Secondly, make use of a pair of nose pliers to press the weights on fishing line vertically to the groove so it is closed across the line. Moving forward, you are required to ensure to go gradual and slow otherwise, there is a chance you might break the line; however, do make sure that is tightly squeezed. 

Step 3: Lastly, grab the sinker and gently tug the fishing line with the other to make sure it is intact and does not have any movement. In case of a loose grip, the lead sinker will fly off separately from the fishing line while casting. 

Step-To-Step Guide For Rubber Core On The Fishing Line

Step 1: For the rubber core on the fishing line, the first step would require you to break the line into the groove. Do make sure that it is done all accurate because there won’t be any adjustments once it has been positioned. 

Step 2: Moving forward, you would have to make a twist of the rubber ears in opposite ways just like the way to unwrap a candy in order to wrap the line around the core of the sinker.

Step 3: The last step is to grab the sinker in one hand while the line in the other. Now, slightly pull it and make sure that the line is correctly absorbed. If you detect any movement, you would have to redo the entire process.

Step-To-Step Guide For Ring Loop and Eye (Tied Sinker)

Step 1: The first step is to take off any hooks or bait attached to the fishing line. Now, feed the line’s tip through the sinker’s eye and pull the sinker until your desired position is achieved. 

Step 2: The second step requires a two-step knot around the bottom of the sinker’s eye to the point of the line passed through to lock.

Step 3: Finally, you have to make sure that the left head of the fishing line is attached to the kook. Pull off the sinker on the fishing line to ensure that it does not move or slide to the bottom; otherwise, it may hinder the bait as well as the hook afterwards. In case you detect any movement, make sure to redo the entire process to have it locked properly. 

Tips for how to put weight on fishing line

The tip is to make the sinker parallel to the adequate depth for the fish you intend to catch. There are simply two ways to do this – either use your sixth sense and gut intuition or try out a trial and error process to perfectly match the weights for fishing line to the monofilament line or fluorocarbon – whatever you choose. 

Secondly, remember to always keep the sinker sufficiently far from the hook and bait to make sure that it, in no way, hinders while it is in the waters, otherwise it may cause the fish to not come close to the hook and bite it. Specifically, with the sinker with a bullet and similar styles. Moreover, there is a chance that you mistakenly judge the wrong length while tying the knot so ensure that the measurement is done correctly across the line and you have sufficient room to play around. 

Moving forward, there should always be two sinkers because there is a high chance that you might lose one of them to a line snap. Also, keep in mind that there should be a range of sinkers in the fishing box so that you have all to match it with different conditions and demands accordingly. 

Here Are Some Of The References That You Should Consider

To make it easier for you, we are going to mention our three favorites. 

The first is the LUSHAZER Fishing Weights Sinkers Kit. The kit features 5 sizes with removable weights for fishing line. The material is lead and comes with 100 pcs in a plastic box, featuring a high density and round design. According to the claims of the company, the kit features a unique design that is streamlined that is specifically designed to reduce the resistance falls into the lake water. 

The second recommendation is from the company Frozen Lines. It features a high-quality material, featuring lead. It also boasts a central cut-out, making it easier to use with a simple application on the fishing line using either a finger or nose pliers. It also provides good versatility. The company also provides you with the ability to adjust weights for fishing line by either adding or removing as per the fishing depths.

The third is from Water Gremlin Company. With multicolour kits and one size, it comes with a patent and features a patented process enabling the formation of soft lead into small and precise pieces. The application requires the use of fingers to squeeze the hinge around the fishing line. 

Now that you have all options, do choose according to your fishing style and fishing conditions so that you do not have to face any hindrance while catching the most amazing fish. 

Final Remarks

Do you see how easy To Put Weight On A Fishing Line? A piece of cake right there! Once you have to get your hands on it perfectly, you are good to go and it will seem just like an easy go. To be honest, if you want to have a successful fishing experience, it is extremely important that you get your hands on the adequate and right sinkers that suit your style of fishing as well. Now that you have all the information at hand, what are you up to now? Grab the fishing line and sinkers right now and head off to the fishing this coming weekend. Happy fish catching! 

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