How To Repair A Broken Fishing Rod 2023 | Ultimate Rod Fixing Guide

How To Repair A Broken Fishing Rod

If you are fishing and like to stroll around large ponds full of freshwater fishes then you should be mull about how to repair a broken fishing rod in quick turn around and fixing of Broken rods.

Honestly, speaking there are a large variety of fishing rods but, the most important thing about them is taking care of them especially in desperation time. 

Before we start an abstruse discussion on the fixing and maintenance of a broken rod first we have to scour deep into the variety of fishing rods. 

Some Renown Varieties Of Fishing Rods: 

Fishing rods are used frequently all across the globe and maintaining their quality and timely repairing is an essential factor. 

There are sundry types of fishing rods these include trammels, surf rods, telescopic fishing rods, spinning rods, casting rods, trolling rods, and ultra-light rods

These multiple varieties of fishing rods are known for acute and tricky fishing and also for their astuteness in catching multiple varieties of cunningly adroit fishes. 

Why And When The Fishing Rod Broken?

Usually, the fishing rod got broken when you step into it or berserk clattered it. As an expert angler, you have to be very careful while start fishing because whenever you are cruising for the best fishing shot the obstacles are highly against you. 

Another major reason that is primarily behind your broken rod is the harsh slamming of the rod. People usually, a bit careless about taking care of their fishing rods especially, when they are in a hurry. 

The most drastic issue takes place when you smash your fishing your inside the car or any other vehicle in which you are carrying it. These sort of flippant acts are the major causes of a broken fishing rod and all of them are excessively common amongst us. 

How To Fix issues Of A Broken Fishing Rod?

Manifestly, acquiring all the important information relating to a broken fishing rod is something immensely worthwhile for all the anglers. The primary reason behind acquiring such sort of information is the usefulness of this knowledge.

Anglers all across the globe suffered a lot when they are faced with broken fishing rods especially when they are amid their fishing process. The most drastic loss due to a broken fishing rod comes into existence when you lose a heavy amount of your money and ultimately become frustrated.

Anglers have sundry experiences regarding fixing a broken fishing rod. Some broken fishing rods are salvageable and some of them are unrepairable by yourself. The most curious thing that you can come across is that they are unrepairable by yourself and in such type of situation you have to send it to the perfect manufacturer. 

Now, the most crucial thing is which type of damage is repairable by yourself. Usually, if the fishing rod is broken from the top then you can fix the issue with the help of an easy tip. However, you must have some prior experience to fix the issue.

Suppose a common situation that your fishing rod or trammel is broken from the top side then you can repair it by applying an easy solution. Firstly, you have to confirm that if it is broken at the top or halfway between the tip. 

In both of the above cases, you have the remove the part of the rod blank stuck in the tip by fusing the tip and hauling out the blank with a pair of needlenose pliers. The next step is simple, you have to whittle down the end of the rod blank with a knife or mower until you can get the old tip to fit snugly over the blank. 

Nextly, scorch a Fuji glue stick or any other braw quality glue that has a good standard and has been tested over the years by experts. After scorching the glue stick you have to daub the end of the rod blank with the melted glue

Then you have to carefully insert the blank into the tip and line up the rod at eye level and look through the rod guides to make sure the tip is in alignment with the guides. Once you see the tip is lined up orderly, you should be mulling to squeeze it down on the tip to guard it on the blank.

Another important thing after merging the glue on the tip of the blank is that the amount of glue should not exceed its desired limits. When you completed the whole process you have to wait for at least 24 hours for getting the best results.

What Happens If The Rod Is Broken Close To The First Guide?

This is another formidable but, also highly technical method to fix the issues of your broken fish rod. You have to cut off the blank down to the first guide make the guide the brand new tip. 

All experts all across the globe highly recommend adopting this method when that rod is your last hope otherwise you have to pick another rod to make things easier and more comfortable. So from that perspective, you have to keep this factor in mind before applying the above method. 

However, if you are residing in a lonely place where are no other possibilities of getting a new rod or you can not purchase a new one then you could try out this method for timing purposes. 

Another reason for using this method to repair your broken rod and fix the desirable issues is the no other option of repairing it. Just have a random surmisal that you are lingering around a desolated place where you can not hire any rod repairer or rod manufacturer.

How To Determine Whether The Broken Fish Rod Is Repairable Or Not?

Usually, the position of the damage on the fishing determines the condition and possibility of its repair. A seasoned veteran of rod fixing expert understands that which type of damage is salvageable and which damages are unrepairable.

As discussed above there are some situations in which broken rods are not worthy of reusable. A piece of expert advice is necessary to determine the exact damage and they are good enough to understand and repair them perfectly to make them reusable.

Are Modern Fishing Rods More Long-lasting?

One of the best things that technology has given us is the durability of the latest products. However, as time passes on the variety of fishing and hunting accessories has been greatly revolutionized but, still, there are fissures in the development that require a perfect solution.

Modern fishing rods are more powerful and usually, they are less destructible. This is the reason why that mostly anglers easily manage their broken rods and more importantly they fix all the issues by themself unless these issues are beyond their capability.

If your rod is drastically snapped then you can fix the issue with the help of quality fiberglass. This is one of the reasons that people take fiberglass before planning to have some weekend fishing. As a general experience people accompanied by some seasoned experts of fishing rod repairing are more successful during their trammeling activity. 

Are Fiberglass Less Prone To Be Broken?

Fiberglass is one of the best things when it comes to broken fishing rod repair. As they are less prone to be damaged they can be mended easily without any diehard effort. 

Unlike any other quality fishing and fiberglass fishing rods are more durable and are easily repairable. You can cut or sand the broken ends of the rod so they are more easily repaired. According to the fishing accessories repairing experts you can use 220 grit sandpaper for smoothing the ends so they can be fit easily.

If your fishing rod has a serrated edge, then use a pair of scissors to cut the sharp edges off of the end of the rod so the ends are abutting. After you make your cut, use sandpaper to roughen the perfectly. Perhaps this method is also very important to smooth out the surface. 

Usage Tape In The Exact Measurement Of The Circumference Of The Rod

This is essential to exactly measure the whole circumference of the fishing rod with the help of an appropriate tape. You have to expertly wrap the tape around the broken and ramshackle pieces of the rod. After completing the wrapping process, then measure the circumference of the other piece of the fishing rod. 

The prime reason behind this method is to find if the piece of the fishing rod is skinnier or not. This process is one of the most widely used processes by fishing experts and it helps them a lot in the meantime. 

Cutting Of The Piece Of A Fiber glass To The Extent Of About 30 Centimeter

Wisely take a piece of fiberglass that has a manifest circumference of 0.64 centimeters smaller than your fishing rod. Now you have to use a Hacksaw to properly cut the 30Cm section of the Hacksaw to and in this way, it can be is easily fit inside the rod.

From this useful technic, you can prevent your rod from being broken and any other further damages that can harm your fishing journey

From Where We Can Buy Good Quality Fiber glass

There are a lot of high-class superstores that are exclusively available near the vicinity. 

These supermarts can provide you with optimum quality fiberglass that will meet all your requirements.

For fishing fanatics it is necessary to prevent their trammels from all sorts of damages and catastrophes but, their prime concern is to mend them if their fishing rods are stuck in the midway. 

The higher quality fiberglass is just another benison for the fishing savvies. However, top-quality fiberglass is only workable in all sorts of situations when there is a proper usage of it made into use.

It simply does not matter that which color of fiberglass you are using because it has to be fixed inside the rod. However, firmness and staunch stability play an important role in the performance of fiberglass. 

How To Find The Solution If Your Fishing Rod Is Not Hollow?

Certain things can hinder the perfection of your fishing activity and its appropriate usage if it turns broken. While fishers have to be super concerned about the rightness of the fishing rods on the other side they have to be prepared to keep a perfect arrangement for their apropos mending.

One of these critical factors is the hollowness of your fishing rod when it is not hollow, then the fiberglass will not work. In such sort of situation, you can take a chance and try to tape your rod back together. 

If you are not feeling convenient to tape your rod then you can get a new one because in such an awkward situation there is simply no other way to survive this nuisance. 

Repairing a broken fishing rod is always an adventurous joyride because you never know that what is coming your way. Being a professional fisher you need to understand the proper remedies that can prevent any virulent damage to your broken fishing rod.

In desperate times you cut off your old fishing rod that is no more available for use. By applying this useful strategy you can make a suitable arrangement for your broken fishing rod

Manifestly, under tough conditions, these tricks and worthy tips can set back your fishing to the right position and it will prevent it from any sort of further damage.

Does Replacing The Rod Guide Settles The critical issue?

The critical issue of a broken fishing rod pumped up if it is not properly handled with an apropos solution and timely strategies. You can use the pertinent dagger or any other sharp knife to cut off any threading that may be surrounding the rod guide.

You must be careful while heating your rod that it must remain under the lukewarm temperature otherwise it could be severely damaging. You should also be wary about cutting off your rod and should not pierce it with a pertinent razor in contrary attempts the result could be drastic.


Repairing a broken fishing rod is not a difficult task but, it is of immense importance when there is an abrupt emergency. To overcome this timely pestering issue you have to follow all the given precautions and expert recommendations to handle the forewarning of this silent calamity.

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