10 Best Fishing Reel for Striped Bass In 2023 | Ultimate Review Guide

best fishing reel for striped bass

If you want your fishing expedition to be exciting, then opt for catching striped bass. It is considered a temperamental fish. Once you catch a stripper, you will get a sense of achievement because this is a tricky target. This could be the reason why striped bass stays a regular target amidst professional anglers.
You must remember that striped bass is a migratory fish, which means that it moves a lot. As a result, you will find it overwhelming to hunt them. To catch this fish, you will need two things: the ability to outsmart the fish and the best reels for striper fishing. To win the stripper fishing game, you will need to know the best reel alternatives in the market.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Fishing Reels for Stripers


The majority of the anglers believe that striped reels from all the brands are the same. It is imperative for them to understand that despite some common features of stripper reels, all of them are not created equal. Moreover, you need to realize that striped bass fishing does not necessitate a particular method. It implies that you can choose reels based on your preferences.

Typically, striped bass spends the majority of their adult life in saltwater. However, when they have to spawn; they move towards freshwater. For this reason, you must consider a reel dependent on the location of your fishing trip. This is one of the most important factors to consider because certain gears are made specifically designed for freshwater while others work well in saltwater.

Once you decide on which type of water you wish to catch striped bass in, it will become easier to decide the reel for you.

However, when opting for a fishing reel, location is not the ONLY factor to consider.

We have listed seven imperative variables that you need to check before choosing striper fishing reels.

Considering these factors will assist you in selecting the best striper reel, increasing your chance of success when it comes to fishing stripers.

Drag System

Irrespective of which bass you are fishing for, you must opt for a reel that gives you control. The control you are looking for will only be achieved when you purchase a reel that has a high-quality drag system. Make sure that the drag system you purchase is powerful. Moreover, you will need to ensure the smoothness of the drag system. It will lessen the sticking and jerky motions of the drag system. Striped bass tends to put up a fight because it’s strong.

Hence, you should consider a high-pressure drag system. It is fair to conclude that a reel with higher power will offer better performance.

So when purchasing a reel, you need to make sure that it has a powerful drag system. It will create a major difference in your fishing experience.


Gear Ratio

To get the best reel for striper fishing, A feature that plays a vital role to improve an angler’s efficiency is the great ratio. We can conclude that the higher the gear ratio, the faster an angler can retrieve the reel. For bass fishing, you will require a standard of 5:1 gear ratio.

So when you go out in the market to purchase a reel, make sure it has a gear ratio close to the standard. You will also have to consider your personal choice when it comes to choosing the best reel for striper fishing.

In case your angling style necessitates a higher cranking power, then you can choose a reel with a slightly lower gear ratio.


When opting for a reel, you have to ensure that the product is constructed using high-quality materials. Numerous anglers tend to select reels that are made with breakable plastic. A major complaint is that these fishing reels do not last for more than one season.

Remember that strippers are larger fish and such reels will only result in failure when hunting. For this reason, it is recommended to purchase reels made of carbon fiber, graphite, or anodized aluminum.

Ball Bearings

The majority of spinning reels do have a ball bearings feature. This characteristic is responsible to enhance the pulling experience as it results in stability and smoothness. There are certain reels that also have roller bearings. A number of bearings show how smoothly a reel will perform. It implies that the performance of the reel will be better when the number of bearings is higher. In addition, you will be able to have better control.

When you purchase a reel, the two main elements you need are control and smoothness.it is especially true for catching stronger fish. To conclude, it is recommended that you must opt for a reel with a higher amount of ball bearings.

Reel Size

To get the best fishing reel for striped bass, you will need to select an appropriate size that will also augment your fishing skills. Another factor to consider is the fishing line. If you want to use a lighter line, then you will require a small reel. Moreover, when you buy a reel you will need to check the line capacity. It is particularly true when you are purchasing the reel online.

To ensure that you are opting for the right product, make sure that you go through the information meticulously. Store-bought reels should also be looked at carefully or enquire about from the storekeeper for its line capacity. You can purchase a reel confidently once you ensure that the fishing line fits the reel.


Anti-Reverse Handle

If you do not want your handle to spin backward, then you must ensure that the reel you are considering has an anti-reverse functionality. Having this feature will guarantee that the hook sets accurately and strongly.

When looking for a spinning reel, it is advised that you must avoid a product that has backward motion. Make sure that the handle you purchase comes with an anti-reverse function.

In addition to this, you must ensure that the knob and the arm of the handle are substantial.

Corrosion Resistance

One last thing you will have to check when selecting a reel is its resistance to corrosion. You must ensure that the reel you get is corrosion resistant. The majority of the metal reels corrode when they come in contact with water (particularly saltwater).

Remember that when a reel gets corroded, its working life comes to an end sooner than you would expect.

So ensure that you buy a reel that is specifically designed to withstand the corrosive environment.

Another option is to select reels that have protective coatings on them.

The 10 Best Fishing Reel For Striped Bass 2022 – Our Top Picks

This segment of the article offers insightful details about the best reels for striper fishing that you can opt from when planning on purchasing a fishing reel.

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Penn Squall LevelWind

Best Fishing Reel for Striped Bass In 2021


Penn doesn’t only work towards the functioning of its products but also provides reels that are attractive. If you are looking for a reasonably priced fishing reel with high built quality, then this one rock. This reel is made with a graphite frame, which makes it lightweight.

As a result, you will find it easier to handle the reel. The gear ratio of this reel is 4:1 that offers good performance. Penn has nailed the quality of the bearings, which ensures a smooth operation. The reel has an iconic look with black and golden colors. Left-handed anglers also benefit from this reel given that it also has a left-handed configuration.

To purchase a reel that has brilliant looks while offering quality, the Penn Squall LevelWind is the one. To conclude, we would recommend this product at the top of the list because it is well-engineered, priced reasonably and delivers excellent performance.

  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Forged aluminum spool with line capacity rings
  • Graphite frame and side plates
  • Compact lighter package
  • Bearings cannot be replaced – you will lose the clicker
  • The handle isn’t tight


Why should you buy it?

When opting for a reel, you must consider buying one that offers the best value for money. Squall LevelWind offers 3 bearings and also ensures that it is made with high-quality material. Owing to the premium quality of these bearings, you will get smoother performance.

Another amazing feature of this reel is the bronze coating which ensures a reduction in corrosion. The graphite frame and stainless steel construction make sure that the fishing reel will last a long time. If you are a lefty, then you must consider buying this reel.


Daiwa BG Spinning Reel


Daiwa BG Spinning Reel is known for its smooth performance owing to the seven ball bearings and digitally cut gears. This model is redesigned for leaner operations to become extremely powerful and is priced reasonably. The reel is armed with a machined aluminum body and cover offering internal stability and strength. The anodization procedure allows for a better bond to the aluminum and will not chip or peel like a painted surface. It also has an ABS spool, which maximizes core diameter. The ABS causes less casting friction.

One of the best features of this reel is the Screw-in-Handle design as it offers zero play or movement between the main gear and handles arm. This feature gives the angler confidence and control of the handle.

  • Smooth as silk
  • Hard anodized body
  • Great strong drag
  • Durable
  • Rarely backlashes
  • Heavy in Weight
  • The body is anodized but the spool is painted.
  • Works best for small and medium-sized fishes
  • No auto return of reel
  • Available in one color only


Why should you buy it?

Purchasing the Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reels is a great option given that they have a high drag power. The best reels for striper fishing allow the angler to deal with bigger fish species. This is the perfect reel if you want to catch striped bass. You would love the versatility of this reel because it is suitable for fresh and saltwater. Moreover, the reel is not only restricted to fish bass, but it allows you to catch tuna, trout, and redfish. The line retrieve of this stripper reel is 43.1 that will definitely increase your fishing performance.

In addition, the ball bearings are of good quality which ensures a smooth experience.

Generally, we can conclude that Daiwa BG Spinning Reel has a dominant and strong drag which makes the product perfect for bass fishing. 


Shimano Torium Conventional Saltwater Star Drag Fishing Reel


Shimano Torium Saltwater Fishing Reel is ideal for individuals who enjoy adventures in the sea. The reel is particularly designed to withstand the corrosive atmosphere of the sea. The reason it is considered the best striper reel is that it can handle a variety of saltwater techniques like trolling, jigging, casting, etc. Another imperative feature is durability which comes from its aluminum body. As a result, the Shimano reel is lightweight and is ideal for live bait or bottom-fishing uses. In terms of gear ratio, this reel is ultra-high with 6.2:1. It is easy to conclude that Shimano saltwater Star Drag Fishing Reel delivers maximum flexibility, and it is appropriate for striper fishing.

  • Hagane Rigid Body = No Flex
  • Easy to adjust star drag system
  • Overall smoothness and feel
  • Stability in the right price
  • Issues with the star drag and speed control being too close together
  • Chips in the paint can lead to corrosion
  • metal reels can snap with a jarring impact


What should you buy?

The Shimano reel is a must-buy because it is made with aluminum that offers a rigid body and unparalleled strength. It is one of the top striper fishing reels accessible in the market that comes with the Super Stopper anti-reverse function, which will improve your performance and delivers an improvement in reel functionality.

The main reason why people love to purchase this reel is because of its weight, which allows for improved performance. This Shimano reel comes with 3 bearings that do not rust and have a longer life. We can easily conclude that the Shimano reel is quick and it perfect for saltwater fishing


Okuma Cold Water Linecounter Trolling Reel


Okuma Cold Water Line counter trolling reel comes with a single-way roller bearing and two stainless ball bearings.  You will find a classically designed line counter and a reset button on the right, which facilitates anglers to set the line counter during fishing as well. The striper reel is constructed with carbonite which makes it corrosion resistant and also makes it highly efficient. The Okuma reel weighs 15 ounces and has a gear ratio of 05:01, which is ideal for striped bass fishing. As the best fishing reel for striped bass, the handle fits perfectly in the hand. Moreover, the reel comes with an adjustable drag setting which certifies precision.

  • The multi-disc drag system works perfectly,
  • The reel is light in weight.
  • The anti-reverse roller bearings work perfectly.
  • The reel is compact and stable.
  • The reel line clicker is noisy.
  • The reel is not versatile. It only works with Planners and Downriggers but not Dipsy.
  • Noisy clicker

Why should you buy it?

If you want a smooth fishing experience, then consider buying the Okuma Trolling Reel. It features a self-lubricating gearbox. This is seen as the best striper reel because of its durability, reliability, and its resistance to corrosion. It has an exterior that comprises the titanium layered broad mouth-level wind, aluminum spool joining the lever, and the ratcheting aluminum star drag. The gears are built with a heavy-duty machined cut. Furthermore, the dual anti-reverse system is skillfully made, and the drag system is made using carbonate. Above all, this reel offers a mechanical stabilization system permitting it to stay in perfect alignment. The magnetic control system of this reel is completely sealed and 100% waterproof. As a result, it reduces backlash. 


Abu Garcia C3-6500STSPC Ambassadeur Striper Special

Abu Garcia C3-6500STSPC Ambassadeur Striper Special


The Abu Garcia C3-6500 TSPC model is optimized for striper angling and engineered to offer excellent performance and smoothness. As the best reels for striper fishing, it comes with one roller bearing and three stainless steel ball bearings. The premium-quality drag system provides an even and reliable drag. The Abu Garcia reel is compact and it has very even casting and retrieving competencies. You will find it easy to set it and it allows you to handle the situation even in tight fishing spots. Moreover, the braking system provides outstanding results, and the bent handle succeeds in enhancing the cranking power. Owing to the compact size, you will be able to hold it even for longer sessions. It incorporates a new technology that makes the reel lighter, tougher, and provides advanced performance.

  • Handles up to 150lb fish
  • Smooth action
  • Precise casting
  • PVC knob will improve the angler’s cranking power
  • Easier to grip the reel.
  • High-quality 6-pin centrifugal brake
  • Comes with a guide
  • The Carbon Matrix drag system offers a consistent drag
  • Many plastic components
  • Not a durable handle
  • Expensive alternative. Not for anglers on a budget.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking to purchase a unique baitcasting reel that is also suitable for striper angling, then Abu Garcia C3-6500STSPC performs brilliantly. People prefer purchasing this reel owing to its ease of use, powerful and smooth operations even for larger fish. It is constructed for sleekness containing three stainless ball bearings and one roller bearing. The Carbon Matrix drag system is reliable and offers low-friction drag while decreasing line breakage. The best feature is that the reel can take a beating and will withstand the most extreme saltwater conditions. Moreover, it has a 6-pin centrifugal brake that utilizes continuous pressure permitting the most accurate cast.


Shimano Stradic Ci4+

Shimano Stradic Ci4+


The Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Spinning Reel is the best striper reel given that it is sturdy and will last a long time. The design is lightweight yet offers maximum functionality. In addition, the reel has sealing which is appropriate for protection from saltwater. A missing feature of the Shimano Stradic Ci4 is the anti-reverse switch. Anglers recommend this reel because of its X-Ship technology that has dual-bearing-backed pinion gear. It guarantees even retrieval, particularly when the cranking is under heavy loads. Along with one roller bearing, the reel comes with six protected stainless bearings. All these bearings are secured from all the sides that curtail the risks of catching dirt, salt penetrating, and water.

  • Durable
  • Multiuse
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple size options
  • Affordable
  • No anti-reverse switch
  • Some plastic parts
  • Cannot back reel


Why should you buy it?

Want to know why people love the Shimano Ci4+? It offers a highly smooth function that anglers desire. The characteristics of this reel make it a favored reel amongst fresh and saltwater anglers, making it versatile. The reason for this reel to be lightweight is the construction with carbon. It utilizes top-quality materials that will withstand the test of time. The best striper reel is manufactured to offer excellent quality products. The gear ratio of this reel is also excellent, i.e., 6:1, making it perfect for bass fishing.

An interesting feature is its waterproof design. Owing to the lightweight design, you can easily augment your casting capabilities for a smoother feel. There are several sizes accessible in the spinning reel design along with a sizing chart. It will facilitate you to determine the right product for you.


Penn Fathom Lever Drag 2-Speed Reel


The Penn Fathom 2-Speed has made the top ten list of reels in 2022 because it has a full metal body and side plates. Moreover, the best reels for striper fishing utilize Dura-Drag material for the lever drag. The best features of this reel incorporate the double dog ratchet anti-reverse that offers strength to fight bigger fish.

With these striper fishing reels, you use a quick shift 2-speed system and you can integrate multiple fishing methods in your strategy. Moreover, it comes with an ergonomic design and a narrow spool to escalate the speed.

This is a highly versatile reel because you can discover live bait, lightweight jigging, and trolling.

  • Reasonable Price
  • Full metal body offering strength
  • Dura-Drag
  • Durability
  • Not fully sealed

Why should you buy it?

Whether you want to go fishing inshore, offshore, or near shore; the Penn Fathom reel is the one for you. It is obtainable in numerous sizes and comes with an all-metal body. The construction makes it durable which is not damaged easily. Other astounding characteristics incorporate a Quick-Shift 2-speed system, which permits anglers to easily engage with high and low gears in the reel. In order to move from one gear to the other, you will have to push the quick shift button and rotate the knob.

This model is perfect for striper fishing because it comes with a 6.1:1 gear ratio, which is higher than the standard. The five ball bearings also add to the smoothness of the reel operation. The reel is corrosion resistant as well.

If you are restricted by your budget but want the best fishing reel for striped bass, then consider buying Penn Fathom Lever Drag 2-Speed Reel. 


SHIMANO NASCI Inshore Spinning Reel


With the price tag, the majority of people consider the Shimano NASCI Reel as an entry-level product. However, it performs amazingly and offers a silky smooth retrieve, misleading cranking power, and revamped drag. There are numerous variants that serve fresh and saltwater applications

  • Holds up great in saltwater
  • Strong drag & Silky smooth
  • Picks up line quickly
  • A great price point for this quality
  • Composite body
  • Lightweight
  • Hagane precision cold forged gear drives
  • No reel-reverse switch
  • Strong drag learning curve
  • Problems with the drag clicking mechanism
  • Not a fully sealed reel
  • Spool is not braid ready

Why should you buy it?

As one of the best reels for striper fishing, this one comes with high-end characteristics. It is preferred by the majority of anglers because it comes with one roller bearing and four ball bearings for a smooth fishing experience and maximum control. The Shimano offers a lightweight reel with a silky smooth drag. Anglers love this product for its versatility and the ability to perform impressively in a variety of conditions.


Abu Garcia Revo X Spinning Fishing Reel


Abu Garcia Revo X Spinning Fishing Reel integrates the top features and ensures the structural integrity for this reel. It has lightweight metal side panels which offer a bright aesthetic and also deliver rigidity to the entire structure. As a result, it is the perfect reel for professional fishing. Even though the best reel for striper fishing is priced in the higher range, it is acceptable given the durability of the reel. First-time purchasers consider this as an excellent option given that the small device packs awesome features.

  • Carbon-based alloys as side plates offer structural support to the reel while keeping it lightweight.
  • The strong rotating wheel allows users to grip it more easily without damaging the internal gears.
  • High-density pulleys allow for a quicker reaction when the knob is pulled.
  • This striper fishing reel is relatively high in price compared with other products in its category.
  • The carbon plates do not bend but are vulnerable to shattering under immense force.
  • Slight discoloration on a section of the handle

Why should you buy it?


In terms of bass fishing, this is an excellent reel. Even though it was crafted for professionals, amateurs find this reel easy to use. It is considered one of the top reels in 2022 because of its forward-thinking construction and its lightweight. Moreover, you will find it super easy to handle. There are four different models of this reel with a gear ratio of 6.2:1. For this particular model, you will get 7 bearings. 6 of them are stainless steel and the last one is roller bearing. You will notice that the reel has a Carbon Matrix™ hybrid drag system, allowing you to up your fishing game.


Tica Striper LE Series Baitcasting Reel

Tica Striper LE Series Baitcasting Reel


The right-handed TICA Striper LE Series is an excellent alternative for individuals who are not a pro at left-handed versions that are opted for by expert anglers. The best reel for striper fishing is super comfortable in the hand owing to the one-piece aluminum frame. The striper reel for fishing is highly durable because of the forged aluminum alloy spool and aluminum frame. Additionally, the eight accuracy bearings are constructed with rust-resistant stainless steel. It allows the reel to have a smooth drag even after usage.

An impressive feature is the quick-remove side plate that leads to enjoyment for novice and experts. The anti-reverse function prevents the reel from going backward.

  • Durable handle that also provides an appealing aesthetic to the finished design.
  • Rigid bearings move in harmony with other gears and pulleys.
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel bearings ensure a long-lasting product.
  • The non-metal body reel has lower structural integrity than those baitcasting reels that use metals.
  • Its handle is durable but its overall structure is prone to damage under pressure.
  • Oversized handle
  • Manual reel operations

Why should you buy it?


With higher bearings, comes higher control and the TICA reel features 8 bearings. These are shielded from rust which will make the fishing experience fun and smooth. Moreover, you will benefit from its strength and durability. Tica Striper LE Series Baitcasting Reel is accessible in two dissimilar models so all kinds of anglers can choose this reel. 

We can conclude that in all this is a perfect reel for entry-level players. Beginner and amateur anglers who are considering purchasing a reel and not breaking their bank can choose this.

To wrap it up

Fishing for striped bass is thrilling and is a lot of fun. Nevertheless, to make the most of this adventure; you will need to have the best fishing reel for striped bass. These reels are particularly designed to deal with bigger fish such as stripers. The article is formatted to give you detailed information on the best reels in the market so that you can make a decision with ease. The best reel for striped bass will aid you to catch a fish faster.

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