How Long Can Fish Stay Out Of Water?

How Long Can Fish Stay Out Of Water

Do you love having pets and want to invest in the first fish pets? Thinking of transporting your fish from the pet store but worried about how long can fish stay out of water before you reach the aquarium?

Contingent upon the kind of fish you plan to purchase, you may have to take certain factors when transporting it to the aquarium. These include factors such as: 

  1. The water is fresh or salty
  2. The size of the aquarium to cater to the kind of fish you are planning to buy
  3. Will they adjust well with the other fish you are already inhabiting in the aquarium?

Another issue to consider is fish out of the water, which means taking the fish out of its natural habitat. When you take a fish out of the water, they will begin to flap their fins and will attempt to go back in the water. 

However, there are certain fish species that can live out of water. Keep in mind that there are specific conditions where some species can survive. These depend on climate and the general environment. Fish can survive without water for a couple of days to extreme ones lasting for years on land. Lungfish is found in West Africa and these fish can survive droughts. 

This article talks about how long can fish stay out of water and provides insightful details about this topic. 

Factor That Impact The Duration Of Fish Life Out Of Water

1. Metabolic Rates

These rates denote the consumption of oxygen that a fish requires and offers information on the fish’s energy that it will need to stay alive. This rate is contingent upon conditions in the environment such as temperature and will lead to an effect on their body temperature. Fishes that prosper in colder temperatures have slow rates of metabolism and can live on land for longer periods of time. 

2. Species

Dependent on the type and variety, amphibious fish can live for days, hours, and even years out of the water. This happens because of the mechanism developed to survive in difficult conditions of the wild. In the majority of cases, pet fishes will not have this capability. Wondering how long can fish be out of water? Pet fishes will only survive for a couple of minutes. 

3. Oxygen Demand

Apart from fishes that live in cold weather, these fishes also have decreased levels of oxygen demands. This gives them a higher resilience when they are out on the land. 

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Fish Species That Can Breathe Out Of Water

Here is a list of some of the most famous fish species that can survive on land. These are super unique fishes that are typically not kept in the aquarium. They might not make good pets but they are lovely creatures. Fish Species That Can Breathe Out Of Water

1. Mudskippers

Mudskippers are recognized for their size and look. These are amphibious and have the capacity to survive out of water for a large proportion of its life. They grow up to 12 inches and have special pectoral fins that are positioned similar to legs. This facilitates them to skip across muddy surfaces. Mudskippers can skip around 2 feet with their fins.

2. Mangrove Killifish

This species is also called the mangrove rivulus. You can easily find these in brackish and marine waters. Mangrove killifish is found less often in freshwater. As the name suggests, you find these around mangrove trees. Want to know how long fish can be out of water. This species has the capability to survive on land for two months. They revive their oxygen via the skin and also indulge in inbreeding through self-fertilization.

3. Snakehead Fish

Commonly discovered in particular parts of Asia and Africa, the snakehead fish is amphibious. It implies that they have an elongated body and are considered predators. These fish intake a carnivorous diet. For this reason, they eat small frogs, small fishes, and even rats. How long can fish live out of water? The snakehead fish can last for 6 days, while others can live outside water for 6 months if they want to find a new habitat. It is recommended to handle this fish with extreme care if kept as a pet. This is because when taken out of the water, these fish can target unsuspecting prey.

4. Walking Catfish

This species is recognized for its barbells that look similar to cat whiskers. The walking catfish is mostly found in freshwaters and will grow up to 20 inches long. They are famous due to their ability to walk with pectoral fins. Moreover, they wiggle to move on dry land. In most cases, catfishes have larger families and can adapt to diverse water conditions. When going to purchase a catfish in the local market, you will notice that they are kept alive using a large bowl with little water. With this arrangement, they can survive for 15-18 hours.

5. Rock skipper Fish

This species is also called the coral benny and is found in freshwater. They thrive in exposed habitats and in high-energy areas. You will see them leaping or skipping from one rock pool to another to look for a mate and newer habitats. People wonder how long a fish can stay out of water. Rock-skippers can survive for a couple of hours and are typically found in shallow pools hiding between rocks. You might notice them skipping over rubble and breakwater

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Final Verdict

You will find a huge variety of fish and some of these creatures are not restricted to living underwater at all times. Some of the species have different mechanisms for surviving the wild like mating, finding habitat, and looking for food. The majority of us believe that fish can only breathe underwater. It is imperative for fish keepers to know how long a fish can stay out of water. However, you must not test the capabilities of your fish pets. Every fish does need oxygen for thriving but some might need air as well.  

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