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I saw that there’s little to know insight on the Internet that will help you become a fishing pro. Even if something there’s on the Internet, it’s either old-school and outdated, or demands a lot of dollars, or so poorly conveyed that it loses all the passion and fun.

Fishing Tips

8 Best Rooster Tails for Bass In 2022

If you are into bass fishing, then one of the best baits is rooster tails fishing lures.  These tails can often act as the perfect

How To Keep Fish Fresh While Fishing

Are you a fan of the fresh scrumptious fish fillet from the fishmonger? Because we are! But…if you are really into keeping this to yourself,

How To Remove Rust From Fishing Hooks?

The ultimate worry amongst the fishing folks is to know how to remove rust from fishing hooks. Though a majority of fishing hooks available on

How To Put a Weight On a Fishing Line?

Are you a fishing newbie? Do you wonder how to actually put weight on a fishing line? Well, if you are a fishing enthusiast, you

How To Put A Lure on a Fishing Line?

To be honest, if you are a fishing nerd, you would definitely agree with us – the art of catching a fish does not merely

How Long Can Fish Stay Out Of Water?

Do you love having pets and want to invest in the first fish pets? Thinking of transporting your fish from the pet store but worried